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Today’s customers expect a consistent shopping experience across many payment channels. Shoppers expect merchants to offer easy, safe and convenient ways to pay and increasingly expect merchants accept mobile payments. However, mobile payments challenge a merchants’ existing infrastructure and security regulations threaten profit margins.

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Central Management of all your POS and ECR parameters and applications

Vendor Independence: Choose from an ample selection of supported POS protocols, including EPAS for higher independence

Remove PCI compliance Burden through Point to Point Encryption

Emerging Payments support such as Alipay, Paypal, CUP

DCC and Voucher functionalities for Additional Value.

Omnichannel payment experience supporting both physical and virtual payments through integration with ACI PAY.ON platform

Risk and Fraud Management through integration with ACI Proactive Risk Management

In the Cloud and on-Premise Processing, so merchants can concentrate on their core Business: selling goods

Least Cost Routing and Advanced Routing to ensure best possible fees from their processing entities

EMV, Contactless and Mobile Payments to ensure universal acceptance

PA-DSS validated to reduce Compliance burdens

Time to Market improved through fast implementation and flexible SDK

Continuous Availability through Active-Active deployments

Off-the-Shelf Interfaces to host systems and regional, national and international schemes

Card Management system for Store Cards, Private Label and pre-paid cards

Card Lifecycle Management for production, activation, redemption and reporting of Issued Cards

Bulk Issuance, Breakage and Float Management to enable efficient Issuing of Plastics

New Payments Instrument, transaction or channel through flexible product architecture

Secure PIN Management support and EMV processing through leading hardware security modules

Extensive Reports to view account status, track usage and improve decision making

Central Repository for consolidated transactional data, storing it for extended periods of time

Settlement and Reconciliation with networks and card acceptance systems

Fee Calculations and distributing revenue owing to all stakeholders

Posting Files for GL accounting systems

Comprehensive Reporting system, including the creation of merchant statements

Adjustments Handling including processing of copy requests and chargebacks

Multi-Party Settlement cycles several times a day, without needing end-of-day batch reports from EFT networks

Fully Compliant with card scheme mandates