Manage risk and remain compliant

ACI Fraud Management is a critical component of a strong AML compliance framework, supporting financial institutions to remain compliant with AML, KYC and CFT/ATF, protect their institution and customers

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Apply AML, KYC and CFT strategies
Implement strong strategies for risk management across domestic and cross border payments

Comply with regulations
Report and manage suspected financial crime in line with regulations and global sanctions

Reduce false positives
Monitor transactions to accurately identify financial crime without increasing risk

Ensure compliance and mitigate risk

Compliance is not a static state. The risks and penalties for failure to report or stop money laundering or suspected terrorism financing continue to rise and the speed and volume of transactions continues to grow. Keeping pace with regulatory change is critical for risk management and customer experience. ACI Fraud Management ensures ongoing compliance.

Integrate with the ACI High Value Real-Time Payments enterprise sanctions filter to provide a set of services that position financial institutions to minimize the manual effort required to screen suspicious items

Add rules in real time, enabling employees to address evolving reporting requirements, government mandates and new money laundering schemes

Maintain continuous regulatory compliance, avoid fines and improve straight-through processing rates (STP)

Establish an AML risk management framework for governance, assessment, detection, investigation and reporting

Leverage supervised machine learning with enhanced behavioral profiling for improved accuracy and operational efficiency

Manage compliance processes with complete case management capabilities with analytics and dashboards to facilitate auditing

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Avoid “rip and replace”

Compliance with AML, Know Your Customer (KYC) and CFT/ATF includes requirements to report suspected financial crime in line with regulatory processes.

Gain a central repository for case activities to provide a complete history and fully centralized audit trail on all aspects of case resolution

Centralize control of and standardize investigation processes and activities to reduce exposure to compliance violations and fines

Run alert, queue, and case management from a single system

Support extensive reporting for full audit tracking

Centralize control of and standardize investigation processes and activities to reduce exposure to compliance violations and fines

Meet regulations with configurable user permissions, data masking and auditing options

Leverage a flexible API framework to integrate with systems for regulatory reporting

Enable KYC and WLM within AML framework

A strong AML framework demands strategies for KYC and WLM. Complete screening against all sanctions requirements including Politically Exposed Person (PEP), Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Section 314(a) for Law Enforcement Information Sharing with the Financial Industry, Negative Media and all other organizational lists.

Perform customer due diligence and identity verification against source

Support enhanced due diligence for a Money Service Business (MSB) and high-risk profile transactions

Manage entity resolution for complete end-to-end AML and customer experience processes

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Enable Enterprise payments

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