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ACI Omni-Commerce for Grocers and Supermarkets

Whether you want to evolve your in-store payments to include pay-in-aisle or kiosk payment capabilities, add new digital payment methods to your checkout, accept online and mobile payments, offer click & collect or curbside collection, ACI Omni-Commerce enables you to innovate with ease.

With the ability to view transaction trends, build customer profiles, integrate loyalty schemes and support an array of payment methods across all channels, ACI Omni-Commerce delivers everything you need to meet evolving shopper expectations.

ACI Omni-Commerce Contact Sales

Move Beyond the Store

Our latest research shows that 64% of grocery shoppers are now omni-channel customers, regularly using a combination of physical and digital channels to buy their groceries.

  • Enable grocery shoppers to browse and buy on their own terms
  • Offer speed, choice and convenience in aisles and at checkout
  • Support a variety of customer journeys, whether in-store, online or via mobile
  • Deliver a consistent brand experience and superior customer service

Leverage digital purchasing channels to boost conversion >

Move beyond the store
Digitize payments

Digitize with New Payment Options

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven a huge boost in online grocery sales and the demand for digital payment options has never been higher.

  • Delight customers with in-app payments, mPOS, self-serve kiosks, endless aisle and queue-busting payment technologies
  • Enable alternative payment options through the ACI eCommerce gateway, part of the ACI Secure eCommerce solution

Meet the growing demand for contactless and deferred payments, click & collect and curbside collection >

Secure Your Customer Data

Protect your brand with world-class, omni-channel security that keeps shoppers safer throughout the shopping and payments process.

  • Take control with merchant omni-tokens that protect data across all grocery in-store and online payment channels
  • Gain the flexibility you need for management and reporting
  • Add powerful point-to-point encryption capabilities to protect customer data in flight, throughout the payment process
Secure Your Customer Data
Stay Flexible and in Control Through Multi acquiring

Stay Flexible and in Control Through Multi-Acquiring

85% of merchants deploying a multi-acquiring strategy have improved conversions, according to our recent research.

  • Access local and cross-border acquirers through a simple integration to an independent eCommerce gateway, whether you operate domestically or internationally
  • Route transactions to the acquirers best suited to your business and location
  • Retry declined transactions without making further demands on your customers

Explore the benefits of acquirer independence >

Manage the Costs of Fraud

Limit the rising impact of fraud and stay one step ahead of fraudsters looking to take advantage of new payment channels.

Manage the costs of fraud