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ACI Omni-Commerce for Grocers and Supermarkets

ACI partners with the world’s top grocery and supermarkets to help them move products off the shelf and provide instant customer service. You can rely on the ACI Omni-Commerce solution to streamline your payments system, expand payment options, strengthen your customer loyalty and help you increase revenue. In an industry where reliability is rewarded with loyalty and convenience is a must, ACI's solution keeps shoppers smiling, carts full and satisfaction on demand.

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Payment Processing for Grocers

Improve the grocery store shopping experience with payment processing.

You need to ensure inventory is on the shelf, focus on sourcing and supply chain logistics, optimize the in-store and (growing move to) online customer experience and stay focused on your customers. You don’t have time or resources to ensure your payment processing is up and running and secure. We do.

Speed, choice and convenience.

Today’s grocery shoppers expect speed, choice and convenience in the aisles and at checkout. Shoppers want to browse and buy on their terms.

The ACI Omni-Commerce solution from ACI helps you deliver a hassle-free checkout experience with secure in-store, mobile and online payment innovations.

Customers will shop longer and more frequently with glitch-free, omni-channel payments tender acceptance and fraud-proof commerce solutions. Updated payment systems will promote a consistent positive customer experience within grocery and supermarket merchant locations.

An Outdated Platform Threatened Giant's Growth

Giant Eagle customers shop with convenience and spend less time waiting in checkout queues

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Provide Your Customers with Multiple Payment Options

The ACI Omni-Commerce solution makes selecting and paying for grocery items a breeze. Keep shoppers in your aisles longer and move them through the checkout faster with a singular, seamless payments system that accepts:

  • Mobile
  • Check
  • Mag stripe
  • Chip card
  • Online
  • Prepaid vouchers
  • Loyalty cards
  • Alternative payments
  • And more.

Zero downtime and complete compliance means lines move faster, registers work smoothly and customers have a seamless checkout experience.

Pick n Pay Increases Online Sales

Pick n Pay saw a 30% increase in online sales with an upturn in click and collect, where the customer orders online and collects from a specific store.


Increase in Online Sales with an Upturn in Click and Collect

Webinar Replay: Investing in Innovation, Real-Time Payments and Security

ACI’s chief solution officer and independent analysts at Ovum discuss where merchants are prioritizing investments in payments and why cost and customer experience are critical to where they place their bets.

Watch this session and learn:

  • Why merchants should view their core payments infrastructure as the foundation for future customer-facing innovation
  • The initial and long-term benefits of real-time payments for merchants (and their customers)
  • How to balance fraud prevention against the desire to increase sales conversions

Payments Insight for Grocery and Supermarkets

The 2018 Global Payments Insight research report looks at key aspects of global merchants' existing payment infrastructures, their forecasts for spending, areas for investment and their perceptions on where payments fit within their business.

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