point-to-point encryption

Ensuring data security through the transaction

Protecting customer data shields your business and your reputation and Point-to-Point Encryption simplifies tackling the dual burden of data security and PCI compliance with a single solution.

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Enhanced Risk Management
Securely encrypts payment card data at the point of interaction (POI)

State of the Art
Highly flexible, industry-leading solution, fully integrated with ACI’s estate management capabilities

Simplified Security
Reduces the number of security controls required to validate cardholder data

Modernize your payments experience

Point-to-Point Encryption

Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) protects payments data during the transaction process by instantly encrypting the sensitive card and customer information at the terminal — and keeping it encrypted until it reaches the payments switch.

Ensure customers’ payments information is not exposed, even in the event of a data breach

Reduce the scope of your PCI compliance

Minimize the amount of sensitive payments data in your environment

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secured pathway
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Validated P2PE with Asset Management

Meet the gold standard for secure encryption. Building on our standard P2PE offering, ACI’s validated P2PE (VP2PE), combined with asset management capabilities, puts additional discipline around P2PE operations and devices, gives you greater confidence, visibility and control of in-store payments.

  • Cover the entire lifecycle of your POI devices and any connected software and processes,
  • Ensure sensitive payments data is protected throughout the chain of transmission.
  • Eliminate the risk of usable cardholder data being stolen
  • Reduce or even de-scope store POS systems from PCI audit and compliance
  • Achieve complete control over device compliance through our hardware estate management facility
  • Gain additional PCI compliance burden relief and cost savings, beyond P2PE alone


Safe and Secure

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