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Driving Real-Time Digital Transformation

ACI Worldwide delivers the software and solutions that power the global economy. Our mission-critical real-time payment solutions enable corporations to process and manage digital payments, power omni-commerce payments, present and process bill payments, and manage fraud and risk. 

In short, we’re driving the digital transformation of banks, merchants and billers to help them meet the real-time payment needs of their consumers and business customers. 

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  • Founded in 1975
  • Offices in 34 countries
  • Employs ~4,000
  • 2020 Revenue of $1.29 billion
  • NASDAQ ticker: ACIW



ACI Worldwide serves a wide array of customers in 95 countries, including:
  • 19 of the top 20 banks worldwide
  • 80,000+ merchants directly and through PSPs
  • Thousands of organizations utilizing our electronic bill payment solutions
  • 1,500+ banks, intermediaries and merchants preventing fraud with our solutions



Our broad and integrated suite of mission-critical digital software solutions enables payment processing for:
  • $14+ trillion in payments and securities transactions daily
  • 225+ billion consumer transactions each year
  • 500+ million bill pay transactions annually

ACI Acquiring – A merchant management system that helps acquirers offer merchants capabilities to deliver digital innovation, improve fraud prevention and reduce interchange fees.

ACI Issuing – A digital payments issuing solution that helps issuers accelerate innovation, give customers new payment offerings and deliver cutting-edge security, with flexible cloud-based or on-premise deployments.

ACI Low Value Real-Time Payments – A platform with a complete range of capabilities for processing real-time payments, including origination, processing, orchestration, clearing and settlement, fraud detection and connectivity.

ACI High Value Real-Time Payments – A global payments engine that offers multi-bank, multi-currency and 24x7 payment processing capabilities, as well as SWIFT messaging with seamless integrations to multiple clearing and settlement mechanisms.

ACI Enterprise Payments Platform – A modern solution enabling banks, processors, national infrastructures and fintechs to rapidly respond to shifting trends, regulatory mandates and new competition across all lines of business and payment types.

ACI Digital Business Banking – A cloud-based digital banking platform with a vast API library and market-leading payments functionality that enables banks to reduce expenses and increase market share.

ACI Omni-Commerce – A secure, scalable, omni-channel payment processing platform with the flexibility to support in-store, online and mobile payments.

ACI Secure eCommerce – A holistic platform that combines a powerful payments gateway, sophisticated real-time fraud prevention capabilities, advanced business intelligence tools and access to an extensive global network of acquirers and alternative payment methods.

ACI Speedpay – An integrated suite of digital billing, payment, disbursement and communication services that lowers the cost of presenting and accepting bill payments while delivering industry-leading security.

ACI Fraud Management – A comprehensive, real-time approach to fraud management for banks, merchants and intermediaries that uses a superior combination of machine learning, fraud and payments data, and advanced analytics to prevent fraud and reduce the burden of compliance.





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