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The Universal Payments Company

ACI Worldwide, the Universal Payments (UP) company, powers electronic payments for more than 5,100 organizations around the world. More than 1,000 of the largest financial institutions and intermediaries as well as thousands of global merchants rely on ACI to execute $14 trillion each day in payments and securities. In addition, myriad organizations utilize our electronic bill presentment and payment services. 

Through our comprehensive suite of software and cloud-based solutions, we deliver real-time, immediate payments capabilities and enable the industry’s most complete omni-channel payments experience. 

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Our Mission

ACI will lead the transformation of the global payments software ecosystem to a real-time, any-to-any paradigm built on acclaimed intellectual property and delivered in the cloud by a team of highly dedicated and innovative payments professionals committed to our customers’ success.


(Phil Heasley, President and CEO in photo)

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Our software is highly differentiated in large-scale, complex technology environments and has been proven in the world’s most demanding environments.

Investor Relations
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ACI offers not only a challenging and exciting workplace, but also a rewarding work experience. Search for openings and apply online.


Awards & Rankings

With 40 years of payments industry experience, ACI is trusted globally as a result of our unmatched understanding of payments and related processes.

Awards and rankings
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Payments Facts & Figures: Americas

US Fact Sheet

ACI Powers Payments In The United States

Nine of the top ten banks in the U.S. are ACI customers.

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Payments Facts and Figures: Mexico

Managing Payments in Mexico

5 of the top 7 Mexican financial institutions use ACI software and solutions.

Payments Facts & Figures: Mexico
Pagos Datos Y Cifras: México

Brazil Fact Sheet

ACI Powers Payments in Brazil

Over 14.6 billion transactions pass through ACI payment solutions in Brazil.

Payments Facts & Figures: Brazil
Pagamentos Fatos & Números: Brasil

ACI Brasil >

Canada Fact Sheet

ACI Powers Canadian Payments

Seven of the top ten financial institutions in Canada have been processing their mission-critical payments with ACI software.

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LatAm Fact Sheet

Leading Payments in Latin America

ACI software processes over 21.2 billion transactions a year in Latin America.

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Payments Fact & Figures: Colombia


ACI protects more thank 5 million cards a month in Colombia through our fraud prevention solution.

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Payments Facts & Figures: Europe, Middle East and Africa

Europe Fact Sheet

ACI Powers Payments in Europe

More than 175 million European debit cards are protected by ACI's fraud detection solutions.

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UK Fact Sheet

ACI Powers Payments in the United Kingdom

In 2014, ACI Process 737,305,248 payments through hosted solutions

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France Fact Sheet

Powering Payments in France

18,000 ATMs in France are connected to ACI solutions.

Payments Facts & Figures: France
Paiements Faits e Chiffres: France

ACI France >

Payments Facts and Figures: Middle East and Africa Fact Sheet

Payments in Middle East & Africa

8 of the top 10 largest banks in the Middle East use ACI software.

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Payments Facts & Figures: Asia Pacific

ASEAN Fact Sheet

Accelerating Payments in ASEAN

15 of the top 20 banks in ASEAN use ACI software and solutions.

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Payments Facts and Figures: India

ACI Powers Payments in India

More than 300 million Indian debit cards are protected by ACI's fraud detection solutions.

Payments Facts & Figures: India

ACI India >

Payments Facts & Figures: Australia & New Zealand


5 of the 6 top banks in Australia are ACI customers.

Payments Facts & Figures: Australia and New Zealand

ACI Pacific >

Payments Facts & Figures: Japan

Powering Payments in Japan

3 of the top 4 financial institutions in Japan use ACI payment solutions.

Payments Facts & Figures: Japan
ACIの決済ソリューション これまでの実績 日本

ACI Japan >
ACIジャパン >