ATM and Self-Service Banking

ATM software for the future of banking

Deliver customers a richer self-service, omnichannel digital experience while meeting the challenges of fewer cash transactions, reduced branch access and increased regulatory mandates

Improve customer experience
Quickly roll out new added-value features

Grow revenues
Accelerate time to market with new services

Drive modernization
End-to-end ATM handling, driving, acquiring and processing

Reduce infrastructure and operational costs

ATM software and infrastructure that enable seamless alignment with current and future needs create the roadmap for future banking solutions. Benefit from lower costs and deliver enhanced services via ATM pooling and innovative approaches to drive ATM modernization.

  • Select from multiple hardware vendors to achieve true hardware independence
  • Reduce CAPEX with a fully managed ATM solution as a service
  • Reduce treasury costs through effective cash forecasting
  • Increase transaction volumes, revenue opportunities and cross-sell opportunities at the ATM
  • Eliminate multiple disparate systems and control all aspects of ATM terminal management from a single solution
  • Migrate branch activities to self-service
  • Manage the cost of cash reserves with a next-gen ATM platform

Elevate your customer experience

Provide your customers a truly personal and welcoming in-branch service at a fraction of the cost through modern, self-service technology. An omni-channel banking environment meets customer expectations of visibility, transparency and cross-channel interactions with a seamless hub-and-spoke branch network to minimize branch closures and maintain a connection to your customers.

Offer capabilities your customers expect:

  • Digital and remotely accessible services
  • Cardless account access and funds distribution
  • Real-time visibility of balances and transactions
  • Video banking for guided access
  • ATM bill payments
  • User-based, customized messaging
  • 24×7 transaction monitoring and fraud prevention
  • Modern graphical-based UI

Choose your ideal deployment

For banks, processors and ISOs, it is more imperative than ever for lean and cost-efficient operations. ACI offers multiple deployment options that will enable you to reduce operating costs, create growth opportunities and deliver a scalable solution without sacrificing services, reliability, security or speed to market.  ACI’s next-gen solution for self-service banking can be deployed on premise, in a public or private cloud, or take advantage of ACI’s managed ATM solution as a service.

Protect your critical systems from malicious and fraudulent activities, with the most comprehensive, layered protection model

Detect, block and solve security incidents that may arise from your assets

Get real-time visibility into the hardware, software, users and changes installed on your devices

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