Virtual Collection Agent

Online Debt Collection Service To Emulate the Best Collection Agents

Virtual Collection Agent reduces stress for your consumers while increasing the overall consistency and efficiency of your debt collection process

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Collect More at Lower Cost
Reduce charge-offs by 10 percent.* Virtual Collection Agent collects almost $2 billion of debt annually for some of the world’s biggest brands

Consistent Collections
Create different online debt collection sites for different consumers, enabling you to test offer strategies and easily change the content

Future-Proof Solution
Scale instantly to respond to business and market needs with a fully PCI-compliant solution that minimizes risk while increasing security and compliance

Get More Payments

Offer a wide range of convenient eBilling and ePayment options to win consumer loyalty and increase revenue. Virtual Collection Agent emulates the interactions of your best collection agent in a convenient 24-hour online environment.

Completely control the collections process in an easy-to-own solution

Reduce gross charge-offs by 10%

Simplify implementation with no additional software to install

Increase in payments from late-stage accounts while reducing related call center expense

Reach customers you would not otherwise reach by offering self-service payment arrangements around the clock

Part of the ACI Speedpay solution, utilize an online, 24/7 debt collection service designed to emulate your best collection agents while increasing the overall consistency and efficiency of your debt collection process

Collect Payments Faster and Easier

Offer your consumers the convenience they expect with an easy-to-integrate technology. ACI’s highly configurable solution is pre-built for integration with 100+ systems.

Automate your “Top Agent” behavior online for 24-hour coverage

Build and adapt collection strategies based on rule sets and individual consumer information

Reach more accounts with tools such as strategy manager, smart rules, incremental payments and rich reporting

Personalize payment offers with the consumer’s account information for earlier payment

Customize and Personalize Collection Offers

Reach different sets of consumers, different types of debt and different strategies so you can make the right offers.

Raise awareness for more debt resolution to boost online contact rates

Address different consumer segments and maximize offer acceptance rates by creating an unlimited number of websites

Make real-time offers during consumer sessions to increase likelihood of acceptance and satisfactory completion

Match the right offers with the right consumers

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Accelerate Arrearage Collections

Save on collections with an intuitive strategy manager that matches the right offers to the right consumers and gives consumers a self-service option to relieve outstanding payments.

ACI’s Virtual Collection Agent now features arrearage management, an automated offering that gives your customers the ability to self-serve, allowing you to match the right offers with the right consumers.

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