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From compliance and regulations to alternative payment methods and real-time payments, explore the trending topics in today’s world of payments


Recurring Payments Processing

Predictable revenue, customer convenience and more — there’s a lot to like about recurring payments

Financial Institutions

Swift GPI

SWIFT gpi is a payments initiative that facilitates seamless cross-border transactions.


EMV Technology and Transactions

Explore how EMV technology empowers merchants to create seamless, secure payment flows for card-present transactions


Understanding Credit and Debit Card Interchange Fees

What purpose do interchange fees serve, how are they set and is there a way to avoid paying them — find the answer to those and other questions here.

Financial Institutions

Faster Payments — Everything You Need to Know

Payments are getting faster by the day as a growing number of countries implement faster payment systems. Here’s what you need to know to prepare.

Financial Institutions

B2B Payments

Fast, seamless B2B payments processing is vital to the success of any business.

Financial Institutions

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance

Everything you need to know about anti-money laundering, including AML compliance, AML screening and AML solutions

Travel & Transportation

Point-to-Point Encryption P2PE Guide

Everything you need to know about point-to-point encryption, including why only P2Pe solutions can be PCI validated

Financial Institutions

U.K. Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) APP Fraud Mandate

Learn more about the new APP Fraud Mandate and what it means for banks and consumers


Preventing Card Not Present Fraud

Card-not-present fraud is one of the fastest-growing forms of card fraud. Here’s how to safeguard your business and your customers against it.

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Integrated Treasury Management

Simplify reconciliations, improve risk management and better manage liquidity with an integrated treasury management solution.

Payment Service Providers

A Primer on SCA, PSD2 and 3DS

Stay on top of changing regulations and electronic payment security requirements with our complete guide to SCA and PSD2.