Digital Identity Solutions

Orchestrate Consumer Data To Establish Trust

Real-time fraud prevention technology designed to increase conversion and block savvy fraudsters

Fundamentals of Digital Identity Services

Digital identification plays a critical role in safer real-time payments. The data is captured, identified and utilized in fraud strategies to reassure merchants that purchases are legitimate. Merchants need this scalable fraud orchestration solution that turns digital identities into a more trustworthy and secure shopper experience.

Establish the Accuracy of Consumers’ Digital Identity

ACI’s network intelligence is the largest data network that combines market intelligence, vertical market databases and predictive, behavioral analytics to fit smart decisioning on a global scale.

Leverage a fraud orchestration platform via a single API connection offering digital identity services that help you turn fraud prevention into revenue generation.

  • Enter new markets, add payment types and accommodate demand surges without additional resources
  • Automate and streamline processes to lower the total cost of ownership
  • Gain payment optimization experts to help minimize risk and prevent data privacy regulation penalties
  • Lower chargebacks and improve accuracy rates using an intelligent decision engine backed with advanced AI machine learning

Trusted Identity Decisions Powered by the Most Advanced Fraud Orchestration Engine

ACI’s advanced AI uses incremental learning algorithms to outperform traditional machine learning. In addition, our expertise in feature engineering ensures fraud models provide digital identity data in an easily digestible format for high performance, rapid detection and efficiency.

  • Drive accurate identity authentication decisions that respond to real time threats
  • Deliver frictionless customer journeys across all geographies and payment types
  • Detect and protect against account takeover and synthetic identity fraud
  • Reduce fraud opportunities and costs before they impact your business
  • Fully scale automated, autonomous models across verticals and merchant types

Confirming Digital Identities With Behavioral Analytics

ACI’s digital identity service is designed to maximize business growth by reducing the threat of ATO and synthetic ID fraud. AI technology helps detect, orchestrate and deliver smart decisioning strategies through user analytics.


data signals from multiple sources


behavioral attributes


artificial intelligence features


synthetic ID fraud detection rate

The Cost of Stolen Digital Credentials


of all credit card losses are due to synthetic identity fraud1


of ATO attacks target eCommerce accounts2


spent for every dollar lost to limited fraud verification capabilities3

Part of the ACI Fraud Management Solution, leverage real-time fraud prevention technology designed to increase conversion and block savvy fraudsters.


Safe and Secure

ACI Worldwide has a wide range of fraud prevention capabilities that enable merchants to achieve industry-leading performance.