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Improve Your Operational Efficiency with Robotic Process Automation

Automate fraud detection with the RPA capability within ACI Fraud Management. RPA tools allow businesses to automatically respond to data, events and interactions to process transactions, trigger customer outreach or communicate with other digital systems. RPA capabilities improve operational efficiency to help you stay ahead of the newest attacks in real time, ensuring deeper fraud strategy coverage to reduce fraud losses and improve the customer experience.

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RPA Improve Your Fraud Prevention

Combat Fraud More Effectively

Fraudsters are continuously developing new fraud schemes to bypass risk controls. Mitigate these potential fraud risks by enhancing ACI Fraud Management with RPA and improve operational efficiency and productivity.

  • Automate current processes to identify and respond to vulnerabilities and emerging fraudulent activities
  • Reduce human error by limiting human interaction when dealing with critical response processes
  • Increase the speed of searching for anomalies in the current high-volume transaction scenario
  • Strengthen your internal programs while complying with the regulators

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RPA 3rd Party Intelligence

Automate Around Third-Party Intelligence

As part of ACI Fraud Management, RPA can be combined and connected with your existing partners or ACI Worldwide’s verified solution partners.

  • Integrate with leading partners that automate their real-time behavioral assessments to identify a wide range of cyber threats without disrupting the user experience
  • Combine RPA with third-party intelligence to protect customers from online and mobile banking fraud such as account takeover
  • Improve relationships with customers by actively protecting their assets

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Improve Customer Centricity

By establishing the proper criteria for the customer base and business needs, RPA can reduce temporary blocks and deliver more accurate responses.

  • Deliver fast, accurate responses to ensure genuine transactions are approved
  • Respond in real time to keep customers safe even while using new and alternative payment methods
  • Reduce temporary blocks to avoid poor customer experience

Provide fraud prevention at the frontline of the customer experience >

RPA Customer Centricity
RPA SCA Exemptions Differentiator

Make SCA Exemptions a Business Differentiator

RPA empowers the highest efficiency when delivering 3DS 2.0 and SCA in Europe enabling a consumer-centric approach through automation. Reach minimum risk while delivering the best customer experience. 

  • React immediately to emerging fraud trends 
  • Adapt fraud management strategies by learned behaviors and preferences 
  • Reduce processing strain on internal resources
  • Minimize maintenance and system downtime

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