Single Issuing Platform for All Payment Types

From physical and virtual cards, to emerging alternative payments and tokens, deliver the ultimate customer experience with cutting-edge security, flexible cloud-ready technology and multi-language, multi-currency, multi-institution capabilities

Front of Wallet
Grow market share across all payment and digital channels

Cloud-Ready Platform
Take advantage of microservices and containerization technologies

Speed to Market
Highly configurable and API-enabled for rapid deployment and connectivity

Customer Satisfaction

Quickly deploy revenue-generating payment methods to meet customer demand, with the ability to tailor products.

  • Support issuing of EMV cards, contactless, virtual, tokenized and mobile payments
  • Enable local payments throughout the world
  • Grow your platform with alternative payments, including digital wallets and QR codes
  • Deliver next-generation self-service banking at ATMs and branches
  • Offer end-to-end support throughout the customer payments lifecycle
  • Deliver greater customer control with self-service options on limits and locations
  • Provide value-added services through a ready-built integration with Mastercard Direct Services
A person holding up a gold credit card with a dark background
Silver ATM keypad

Cutting-Edge Security

Continually respond to new threats to retain the trust of your customers.

  • Provide industry-leading machine-learning protection
  • Create and manage tokens to protect your customers’ payments data
  • Maintain compliance with global payment card industry mandates with guaranteed updates and continuous compliance

Optimize Operations

Streamline innovation and drive operational efficiencies with real-time data orchestration and management.

  • Personalize your customers’ experience across products, pricing and billing
  • Streamline and automate end-to-end management of disputes
  • Give customers always-on reliability with a scalable, resilient front-end switch
  • Deliver a flawless payments experience with reduced downtime
  • Gain real-time visibility, monitoring and analytics of transaction flows and systems
  • Turn data into intelligence with flexible reporting and deep insights
Generic UI of Global Locations

Flexible Service Offerings

Grow your business efficiently utilizing one solution.

  • Provide unique offerings to your entire customer base
  • Service individuals, small business and large corporations
  • Deliver an optimal product experience for all customers


The Modern Issuing Advantage

Extend your payments capabilities with ACI Worldwide’s superior suite of payments software solutions.