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Deliver a Seamless, Brand-Building Retail Shopping Experience

Digital transformation is changing the face of payments—online, in-store and on mobile. ACI’s mission-critical merchant payment solutions power omni-commerce payments, preventing fraud and risk. We help retailers meet the real-time payment needs of their customers, regardless of channel.

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Deliver Seamless

Deliver New Payment Options, Online and In-Store

Delight your customers with innovative and popular payment options that increase conversions and drive loyalty.

Reduce cart abandonment and increase check-out conversion >

Providing Customer Value On and Off the Road Through Mobile Payment Experiences

Pilot Flying J delivers a persona-based mobile payments experience to 1 million customers across North America.

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Protect Your Customer Data

Enhance your brand reputation by delivering end-to-end payments security.

  • Take control with merchant omni-tokens to protect data across channels
  • Gain increased flexibility in management and reporting
  • Add powerful point-to-point encryption capabilities to protect customer data in flight and throughout the payment process

Stay Flexible and in Control Through Multi-Acquiring

Achieve acquirer independence to increase conversions and add flexibility, resilience and cost savings.

  • Access local and cross-border acquirers through a simple integration to an independent eCommerce gateway
  • Route transactions to the acquirers best suited to your business, location and transaction type
  • Retry declined transactions without making further demands on your customers 

Research: Benefit from acquirer independence with a multi-acquiring strategy >

Global Growth Industries Retailer

Mango and ACI Worldwide Increase Acceptance, Reduce Risk and Expand eCommerce Reach

Driven by increased eCommerce competition, rising fraud rates and an aggressive expansion plan, fashion retailer Mango partnered with ACI Worldwide to protect its customers and enter new markets.

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Manage the Cost of Fraud

Combat rising eCommerce fraud to satisfy customers and reduce the impact of fraud on your bottom line.

  • Deploy multi-layered fraud prevention capabilities designed to enable business growth while reducing fraud and chargebacks
  • Stay ahead of COVID-19-related eCommerce fraud

Understand and defeat new patterns of online retail payments fraud >

Build a Payments Platform for Today’s Shopper