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Moving Merchandise with Payments

ACI partners with the world’s top General merchandise/Specialty retailers to help them improve the retail on-demand shopping experience. You can rely on ACI's UP Merchant Payments solution to streamline your payments system, expand payment channels, strengthen your customer loyalty, and help you increase revenue.

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Webinar Make More Money with Mobile

On Demand Webinar

Make More Money with Mobile – Safer, Easier Purchases with Just One Touch

Learn how online retailers can address their mobile checkout flow for maximum impact

On Demand Webinar

Retailer Research and Insights

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2018 Global Payments Insight Survey: Merchants

The 2018 Global Payments Insight research report looks at key aspects of global merchant’s existing payment infrastructures, their forecasts for spending, areas for investment and their perceptions on where payments fit within their business.

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2018 Ovum Webinar for Merchants

Webinar Replay: Investing in Innovation, Real-Time Payments and Security

ACI’s Chief Solution Officer and independent analysts Ovum discuss where merchants are prioritizing investments in payments and why cost and customer experience are critical to where they place their bets.

Watch this session and learn

  • Why merchants should view their core payments infrastructure as the foundation for future customer-facing innovation
  • The initial and long-term benefits of real-time payments for merchants (and their customers)
  • How to balance fraud prevention against the desire to increase sales conversions
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Deliver a Consistent Customer Experience

ACI commissioned interviews with 30 leading retailers in the U.S., U.K., France and Germany — to explore how they are navigating a fast changing payments landscape. Senior executives address the challenges they face in enabling new payment preferences, ensuring the security of those payments and combining payments systems to deliver a consistent customer experience.

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A Family Business Grows into a Sporting Giant

Like other U.S. retailers, Scheels faced a challenge to maintain safe, convenient and cost-effective payment solutions as new security threats evolve, new payment forms become available and EMV migration moves throughout the marketplace

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Consumers Want a Streamlined, No-Hassle Purchase

Globally connected consumers expect a high-quality, personalized purchasing experience, no matter where they shop for goods and services. They want to have the same experience in-store and online, use their mobile phones as wallets, and have it all go smoothly and securely.

Great for Customers, a Challenge for Retailers

While consumers look for a glitch-free transaction, there’s much required behind the scenes to provide that level of service. Retailers are challenged by the growing number of alternative payment options, and payment security issues are greater than ever due to a rise in data breaches. In addition, they must remain compliant with multiple regulations designed to protect payment card data.

Meeting Multiple Demands in a Single Solution

For consumers to remain satisfied, you need to offer payment options across all channels, keep customer data secure, and ensure systems are up and running fast all the time. That means you need a system that streamlines payments and expands payment channels, which for your business, leads to increased revenue. ACI’s UP Merchant Payments solution for retailers does all that – and more.

ACI: All You Want in One Merchant Payment Processing Solution

Can a payment processing platform encourage customers to shop longer and come back for more? You bet. You gain and retain consumer loyalty with secure mobile, in-store and online payment innovations, real-time rewards redemption and fraud-proof purchasing. That’s not all. You also get:

  1. Process Payments End-to-End
    ACI’s integrated suite of products acquire, authenticate, route, switch and authorize traditional or alternative payment transactions across multiple channels.
  2. Support Omni-Channel Options
    ACI gives you the widest possible range of payment options, regardless of what purchase channel your customer uses. ACI modules also reduce the cost of PCI compliance and the risk of data breaches.
  3. Enable eCommerce Payments Technology
    ACI’s leading global payment gateways solutions, enable eCommerce, mCommerce, and in-app payments technology.
  4. Maximize Security and Fraud Prevention
    ACI’s payment security and fraud management capabilities keep customer data secure, transactions safe, and your environment risk averse. ACI secures the POS and all payment data from a possible breach, reducing operating costs and eliminating payment technology siloes, all while promoting a consistent customer experience.
  5. Enjoy Freedom of Choice
    With ACI’s hosting solution, you choose and control the partners you work with. You have complete flexibility to choose different point-of-sale (POS) and pin entry device (PED) vendors, acquirers and card processors.
  6. Gain Uptime, Speed and Scale
    ACI’s single hosted environment safely scales and increases ordering volume across various channels. Our data centers have never lost transaction speed or volume even during peak event hours.