ACI Payments orchestration platform

Gain a Strategic Payments Platform

Enable customer journeys across commerce channels, accept payments, prevent fraud and optimize your payments journey with ACI’s true payments orchestration platform

Payments Orchestration for Business Success

Manage your payments across multiple P2Ps, acquirers and banks across all channels — in-store, online, mobile, recurring and wearables — using a strategic, streamlined approach.

  • Increase consumer payment choices using consumer form factors and embedded payments
  • Comply with key regulations based on payment method, geography and type of purchase
  • Adjust operating rules by payment method, acceptance device, network and financial institution
  • Improve user experiences and management capabilities with advanced technology
  • Streamline the checkout experience with the latest payments types and technology

Alternative Payment Methods Are in High Demand

Offer new ways to pay in-store and online with new merchant acceptance mechanisms, one-click payments and integrated mobile payment experiences to increase customer satisfaction and lower cart abandonment rates.

  • Enable customers to leverage local payment methods with fast cross-border payments
  • Reach customers through their preferred channels and enable them to pay with a single click or QR code
  • Deploy tailored payment pages offering one-click checkout, BNPL, digital wallets and more
  • Drive revenue from ads and other media with interactive shopping experiences and mCommerce triggered by images, audio and geotags

Empower Your Teams With the Latest Technology

Integrate directly into the entire payments ecosystem and payment-adjacent services without the need for additional coding or adding more layers to your payments strategy.

  • Compare KPIs from multiple acquirers by splitting live traffic with A/B testing
  • Deliver customer-centric buying experiences and holistic real-time fraud prevention and launch new payments innovation, with the option to white label as needed
  • Leverage network tokens to lower costs, increase authorization rates and optimize transactions
  • Design payment journeys that span multiple end-points, including acquirers, APMs and customer touchpoints

Deliver Real-Time Decisioning With Fraud Orchestration Technology

Combat fraud using a smart, data-driven decisioning engine, with guaranteed best-in-class performance metrics.

  • Data-rich analytics consolidate multiple fraud signals to better understand consumer behaviors, driving higher conversion and acceptance rates
  • Seamless shopping experiences provide full protection for every transaction throughout the customer’s buying journey
  • A real-time, cloud-based managed service identifies and assess anomalous behavior and unexpected patterns
  • A payments risk optimization team provides expertise in fraud prevention, helping your business achieve long-term growth
  • Detect
  • Decide
  • Deliver

Reduce Operational Costs and Maintain Compliance

Orchestrate your payments setup to improve customer experiences, accelerate conversion uplift and lower your cost of ownership.

Redirect resources to your core business by reducing the number of people dedicated to managing payment processing and regulations

Enhance process efficiency across multiple endpoints with unified settlements and reporting

Reduce critical costs and internal risk by lowering your PCI compliance burden by 80% or more

Eliminate unnecessary chargebacks using payments optimization specialist support

Develop stronger partnerships, lower vendor management costs and expand your influence roadmap

ACI’s Payment Service Provider Ecosystem

Directly connect to hundreds of payment service providers, including global and local acquirers, digital wallets and alternative payment methods through a single payments layer.


Create a Framework for Optimization

ACI Worldwide’s payments orchestration platform streamlines connectivity to the payments and fraud ecosystem so you can design seamless payment flows.