Orchestrate Your Fraud Strategy for Revenue Generation

Protect customers across every device, channel and region with AI-enabled fraud orchestration technology, and future-proof your payments strategy with just one API integration

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Deliver Real-Time Decisioning With Fraud Orchestration Technology

Combat fraud using a smart, data-driven decisioning engine, with guaranteed best-in-class performance metrics.

  • Data-rich analytics consolidate multiple fraud signals, giving merchants a better understanding of consumer behaviors to drive higher conversion and acceptance rates
  • Seamless shopping experiences provide full protection for every transaction throughout the customer’s buying journey
  • A payments risk optimization team provides expertise in fraud prevention, helping your business achieve long-term growth
  • A real-time, cloud-based managed service uses advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning and behavioral analytics to identify and assess anomalous behavior and unexpected patterns
  • Detect
  • Decide
  • Deliver

Addressing Today’s Most-Pressing Challenges

ACI’s fraud orchestration platform seamlessly integrates into your payments flow and streamlines overly complicated systems without compromising on performance. Gain access to a growing list of solutions that help solve your toughest payment challenges:

Dispute Prevention

Reduce chargebacks and false positives to increase profitability

Smart Decisioning

Eliminate multiple disconnects of fraud data points and sources

Emerging Fraud Trends

Counter sophisticated fraudsters, emerging fraud types and behaviors

advancing technology

Scale fraud prevention strategies with access to new features and functionality, all fully embedded in the payments flow

Manual Review Processes

Turn digital identity validation into reliable data resources

Operational Costs

Streamline multiple vendors’ contracts and complex systems

Global Fraud Experience

Incorporate local fraud expertise from fraud experts in multiple geographies

ongoing visibility

Empower business leaders to create effective fraud strategies

“Improved detection rates, extensive customization capabilities, access to global consortium data and expert advice are the key benefits of ACI’s fraud prevention solutions. ACI continues to invest aggressively in its fraud prevention solutions to help merchants address emerging and sophisticated fraud threats.“

Vikrant Gandhi

ICT Industry Director, Frost & Sullivan

“The risk management team at ACI are true professionals, and we have had the pleasure of building a trusted business relationship with them over the past nine years. We are grateful for the thought leadership they have provided and resources they have invested to support the success of our business.”

Jay Morris
Director of Online Services & Business Operations Support, Tailored Brands

Stop Fraudsters With Digital Identity Services

Fraudsters bet on businesses’ inability to make sense of the many data signals that comprise a customer’s digital identity. ACI’s Fraud Management solution breaks down data silos, utilizing 10,000+ signals from various sources, 8,000+ AI features and 500+ behavior attributes to deliver more accurate, confident decisions.

Identity fraud is a complex issue to tackle and requires dedicated experts around the clock. It’s time to take action with ACI Worldwide’s digital identity services to help optimize your fraud orchestration.

Sell More, Lose Less, Maximize Margins

ACI’s fraud orchestration technology provides easy and accurate fraud detection, real-time decisioning and strong payment intelligence analytics, so merchants can make better decisions, control costs and streamline the buying experience.

Implement holistic, real-time fraud operations that guarantee strong conversion, growth and cost reduction using a single API connection

Protect your business from escalating costs by optimizing operations and offering digital payments

Gain flexibility and scalability to adjust your fraud strategy by payment method, channel and market in real time

Deliver secure, customer-centric buying experiences that increase conversion rates through real-time fraud prevention

Support revenue generation with advanced analytics that automatically capture fraud signals from multiple data sources


Stay Secure

ACI’s industry-leading fraud prevention is delivered via a powerful combination of machine learning, predictive and behavioral analytics, positive profiling, customized fraud strategies and expert support.