Fraud prevention powered by artificial intelligence

Future-proof your payment strategies by leveraging AI-based fraud orchestration technology to protect customers across all devices and channels with a single API integration

Fraud by the numbers

$10 billion

Total fraud losses in the United States in 20231

1 million

Reports of identify theft in the United States in 20231


Population who reported being a victim of fraud in the last four years2

Stop fraud in real time using AI and network intelligence

Billers need to outpace fraudsters to safeguard customers and cut down costs. Empower your fraud team with the latest payment fraud prevention technology.

  • Share and receive fraud risk signals with a community of fraud fighters via network intelligence
  • Utilize profiling capabilities and data, from billions of transactions to identify known fraud patterns
  • Gain an end-to-end view of the transaction data including rejections and chargebacks to improve model performance
  • Automatically adjust and adapt patented models to new fraud behaviors with incremental machine learning, increasing fraud detection by up to 20%3

Reduce costs and mitigate risk

Sophisticated scams target payments with scale, putting you and your customers at risk.  Leverage an AI-powered fraud management solution tailored to your industry.

  • Spot and stop payment aggregators before they increase expenses and upset customers, with the ability to whitelist good accounts
  • Identify and block card testing schemes that drive up costs and enable further fraud
  • Drive down operational costs with comprehensive end-to-end chargeback and dispute management
  • Confirm identity before accounts are opened using another layer of verification using customer behavior enhanced with thousands of data points with ACI’s digital identity solutions

Protect payments with one fraud solution

Implementing and managing multiple fraud solutions increases expense and slows performance. Plug into the power of an award-winning holistic solution proven to reduce fraud, simplify implementation, and improve performance.

Fraud comes in many forms

Fraudsters continue to expand with sophisticated scams targeting you and your customers, including:

Payment aggregators

Imposters collect and consolidate transactions into high-cost credit card payments

Account testing

Scamsters use your payment channels to test and confirm stolen accounts

Return and chargeback fraud

Impersonators steal customer data and make fraudulent payments that are disputed later

Identity theft

Personal information is collected and curated to create synthetic identities to open fraudulent accounts and commit crimes


Stay secure

ACI’s industry-leading fraud prevention is delivered via a powerful combination of machine learning, predictive and behavioral analytics, positive profiling, customized fraud strategies, and expert support.