Satisfy customer appetites for innovative, secure payments

ACI’s highly adaptable technology delivers a seamless, secure payments experience — whether customers order at the table, counter, curbside, drive-thru, QR Code or their mobile phone

Seamless customer experience
Power faster, frictionless checkouts across all channels.

Reliable, secure processing
Deliver proven, robust and secure payment processing.

Improved cost efficiency
Reduce demands on in-house resources and minimize ongoing costs.

One Holistic Payments Solution

Gain control of your payments infrastructure

Quickly pivot to new payment options and evolve your dining experience as demands arise with a united, open and agile infrastructure.

Enhance current systems with a single solution for online, mobile, curbside, kiosk, at the counter or table payments

Meet evolving consumer payment preferences with anytime, anywhere payment capabilities

Support omni-channel payments and a common customer experience using your existing systems and POS hardware

Maintain always-on performance to ensure business continuity and customer satisfaction

Two people are handling a bill at a restaurant

Ordering up the future of payment options

Wendy’s evolves payment interfaces through kiosk, mobile and online ordering to engage customers more holistically.

qr code use at a terminal
payment credit card concept.

Deliver growth and innovation

Speed your ability to expand your payment offerings and connect with top payment options from around the world.

Accept all payment types through a global network of more than 250 alternative payment methods (APM)

Drive business with gift cards and loyalty programs tailored to offer card-specific payment and reward redemption opportunities

Deliver new experiences and increase efficiencies through innovative QR code usage

Stay prepared for future innovations as APMs are continuously added

Flexibility and control, customized for your needs

Build your ideal network with the ability to freely move between acquirers that best fit your business with a multi-acquiring strategy.

Gain business continuity options, control over operational costs, improved conversion rates and an enhanced customer experience

Achieve higher conversion rates through smart transaction routing and access to a broader range of alternative payment methods

Optimize pricing, manage acquiring fees and decline rates and implement a champion challenger model through your acquirer relationships

Maintain transaction processing stability in the event of acquirer service disruption or business failure

Secure payments and protect against fraudsters

Food and beverage rank second on the list of industries most frequently compromised by data security breaches. Keep customer data secure and transactions safe while reducing the cost and complexity of PCI compliance.

Reduce payment processing risk with validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE)

Remove cardholder data from your environment with secure tokenization

Gain a unified view of all transactions to tailor gift card and loyalty programs and detect any fraudulent activity

Avoid PCI burdens and enable omni-commerce by securely sharing cardholder data through omni-tokens

A person is handing a card to their waiter so they can pay for their meal using the card reader.


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