QR Code Payments

Bring Fast, Frictionless Payments to Your Menu

Give your customers the convenience of contactless, touchless QR code payments with ACI Omni-Commerce – create custom QR codes uniquely associated to each individual order for a satisfying, in-brand experience

qr code scanning restaurant receipt

Increase Throughput
Reduce counter wait and drive-through time to allow for greater capacity

Boost Revenue
Improve the bottom line through improved order delivery times and table turnover

Optimize Efficiency
Enable staff to spend more time on customer interactions and additional duties

At The Drive Through

Gain Greater Drive Through Throughput

Quickly add QR code payments to the drive-through without the need for additional hardware.

Offer QR code scanning on summary screen displays

Speed the customer experience by skipping traditional payment windows

Enable employees to focus on non-payment tasks, ensuring more correct orders, better service and greater customer satisfaction

Provide digital receipts for post-purchase engagement to rate your establishment, download your mobile app, join loyalty programs and more

Solving The Top QSR and Fast Casual Challenges

Faced with rising consumer expectations, new purchasing habits, staffing shortages and security concerns, restaurateurs have a lot on their plate when it comes to ensuring business success. In this new Whitepaper, learn how quick service and fast casual restaurants can overcome their top pain points and ensure business success.

At the Table

Deliver a More Satisfying In-Restaurant Experience

Seamlessly add QR code payments to checks and bills without the need for additional hardware.

Speed payments at the table with a QR code offered at the bottom of all checks and bills

Offer greater customer convenience by allowing customers to pay without giving their card to a server

Free servers to service other tables, improving the customer experience, table turnover times and loyalty

Simplify payments by offering the ability to add the tip and split the check between parties

At The Counter and Pick Up

Flexibility to Pre-Order and Pay On-Site

Increase ease of use and satisfaction by offering customers more ways to pay online and at the counter. Custom codes on order summary screens and receipts help put customers in control of their experience with ACI’s award-winning solution.

  • Accelerate pick up times to increase throughput and convenience
  • Deliver the ultimate in payments choice to ensure greater conversions and loyalty
  • Enhance payment simplicity to promote loyalty
  • Save staff time with more self-service ordering
  • Reduce staffing needs and remove errors in the ordering process

Protection along the entire payments journey

Create a Framework for Optimization

ACI Worldwide’s payments orchestration platform streamlines connectivity to the payments and fraud ecosystem so you can design seamless payment flows.