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Balance Compliance and Customer Experience

Meet customer expectations for secure, yet seamless, digital payments and financial services. ACI Fraud Management enables banks, acquirers, processors and networks to balance these expectations alongside increasing regulatory demands — turning fraud prevention into a competitive differentiator. 

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Fraud Mgmt Bnks Rapidly Launch

Rapidly Launch New Fraud Prevention Strategies

Fraud trends move fast. Financial institutions must stay ahead of fraudsters and the competition to retain customers and grow revenues.

Everlink develops card-not-present fraud detection models in one day >

Balance Compliance and Customer Experience

Deliver fraud prevention across all digital channels and payments in combination with seamless payment experiences.

Swedbank launches SCA exemptions ahead of PSD2 deadline >

Fraud Mgmt Bnks Balance Compliance

Bank of New Zealand Addresses the Issue of Counterfeit Cards

Using liquid encryption numbers, BNZ saw a 75% drop in counterfeit card fraud. Along with ACI Proactive Risk Manager, it could offer customers the highest levels of protection without inconvenience.

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Reduce Fraud Losses and Improve Detection Rates

Enterprise fraud prevention is essential to ensure customers are protected across all digital channels and payment types.

  • Prevent all types of payments fraud — including real-time payments
  • Prevent financial crime in your digital channels by combating account takeover fraud
  • Leverage new network intelligence technologies from ACI for effective collaboration 
  • Take advantage of ACI’s fraud ecosystem partners for additional vectors in your fraud scoring: behavioral biometrics, real-time alerting and more

OTP Bank uses mobile alerting to drive down fraud rates and increase customer engagement >

Fraud Mgmt Bnks Reduce Fraud

Transforming Fraud Management

Level Up Your Fraud Detection

ACI’s network intelligence approach delivers an industry-, region- and market-wide view of emerging threats.

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Expanding the Horizons of Fraud Detection

See how network intelligence is driving unprecedented collaboration in the fight against payments fraud.

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2020 Global Banking and Finance Award

Delivering strong enterprise financial crime capabilities, ACI Worldwide has been awarded "Best Information Security and Fraud Management Technology Provider North America 2020."

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