ACI Case Manager

End-to-End Case Management for Fraud Investigations and Resolutions

Efficiently track, control and recover losses, detect patterns, gather intelligence to reduce losses from fraud and provide an excellent customer experience. Whether a genuine fraud event or a false positive, how banks manage the customer experience is critical. Give your fraud investigators a complete set of tools to resolve any issue and keep customers satisfied

Gather Evidence
Create investigation files that include evidence and prepare production orders for law enforcement.

Accelerate Resolution
Equip analysts with tools, processes and information to rapidly resolve customer cases.

Decrease Fraud Losses
Leverage data and insights from cases to improve fraud prevention and reduce losses.

Reduce Risk
Respond more quickly to potential anti-money laundering cases and implement tight processes for compliance.

Protect and Serve Customers

Ensure that analysts can serve customers efficiently and comprehensively to confirm fraud events.

Simplify case creation by utilizing account and contact details from ACI Fraud Management

Create efficient customer correspondence through configurable templates with dynamic data selection

Leverage centralized case details with multiple parameters for searching and appending data

Configure fraud analysts’ workflow for simplified case management and increase the speed at which they work cases enterprise-wide

Use dynamic data enrichment, data displays and workflows to create guided workflows, built-in prompts and help-aids to assist investigator’s conduct research and decision-making

Enforce the processes defined by the bank for risk control, compliance and customer experience

Deploy out-of-the-box automation for user activity and communications

Make ad-hoc workflow changes and management through an easy-to-use administrative user interface

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Centralize Data and Increase Insight

Leverage the feedback and insights from case management resolutions to better inform fraud management strategies and reduce false positives.

Manage all exceptions and manual interventions from a single view, including corporate security, chargeback handling, loss tracking, recoveries, branch management, applications and claims, and customer service

Integrate case management directly into the fraud management solution for a real-time feedback loop

Automate Robotic Process Automation activities and processes across the complete lifecycle of a case and all business units within the bank

Support the configurable alert review and approval mechanisms by alert type or rule, risk score, account or customer risk classification

Track, control, measure and recover fraud losses across all payment and digital channels

Increase productivity with bulk alert decisioning, automated documentation and attachments for cases

Meet Compliance Regulations

Leverage case management capabilities to ensure adherence to regulatory processes and correct reporting to regulatory bodies.

Manage processes for sanctions, Politically Exposed Person (PEP) and Adverse Media screening

Enable monitoring deadlines for Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) filings

Facilitate and evidence compliance with KYC / CDD onboarding obligations, ongoing CDD /EDD obligations, AML-related beneficial ownership obligations and CTR obligations

Compile all details of a case in an easy to understand format for seamless interactions with law enforcement (local, state or federal)

Interface directly with local and international FIUs for SAR filing

Apply the full extent of the law to convict fraudsters where applicable or within the policy

Enable Enterprise payments

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