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Fuel UP

The future of fuel and convenience revolves around fast, secure and engaging payment experiences that meet the increasingly high expectations of today’s customers.

ACI’s UP Merchant Payments solution offers fuel and convenience merchants a solution that reduces fraud and card fees while increasing customer satisfaction. ACI’s comprehensive, vendor-agnostic platform helps you deliver a hassle-free experience with instant, secure in-store, mobile and pay-at-the-pump payment options.

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Key Benefits

Consumer convenience: Make it quick and easy for your customers to pay, whether by credit, debit, digital wallets, prepaid cards or mobile payments. Reward loyalty and deliver geo-targeted offers that increase in-store purchases.

Uptime, speed and scale: A faster experience can translate into real revenue; seconds could mean millions. Expanded omni-channel payment options, loyalty reward redemption and geo-targeting succeed only with the ability to implement quickly. ACI’s hosted environment safely scales to deliver faster, smoother checkout at the pump from card to mobile POS to contactless payment options.

Security and compliance: Over six in ten (62%) of U.S. adults are concerned with the security of their financial data when paying at fuel pumps and convenience stores.1 ACI keeps customer data secure and transactions safe. It removes cardholder data from your environment with secure tokenization capabilities while reducing the cost and complexity of PCI compliance. It also reduces risk with point-to-point encryption (P2PE).

Freedom of choice: With ACI’s hosting solution, you choose and control the partners you work with. You have complete flexibility to choose different fuel dispensing systems, acquirers, POS vendors, PIN entry devices (PEDs) and card processors.

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1  Six in Ten U.S. Adults Concerned with Data Security at Fuel Pumps and Convenience Stores