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Go the Extra Mile for Your Customers

Deliver a hassle-free customer experience through instant, secure in-store, mobile and pay-at-the-pump options from ACI. 

This comprehensive solution helps fuel and convenience merchants balance narrow margins with the demand for fast, secure and engaging payment experiences that meet the increasingly high expectations of today’s customers. 

And our flexible, vendor-agnostic platform supports any payment type, any pump, any POS, any PED and any processor, ensuring you can easily offer the payment options that suit your business and your customers, without the need to constantly reinvest in infrastructure changes.

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Key Benefits

Consumer convenience: Whether your customers want to “pay and go” at the pump or make further purchases in your convenience store, our solutions support a fast and easy payments experience, wherever and however your customers want to pay.

Security and compliance: Over six in ten (62%)* U.S. adults are concerned with the security of their financial data when paying at fuel pumps and convenience stores. ACI fully supports EMV transactions to help protect your business against fraud and give your customers confidence when making purchases. Through secure tokenization and point-to-point encryption capabilities, ACI also keeps your customer data secure and your transactions safe, while reducing the cost and complexity of PCI compliance.

Revenue growth: ACI makes it possible to offer a variety of payment methods and checkout options (including kiosks, pay-at-the-pump, mobile in-app payments, etc.), helping you to create and adapt your ideal customer experience to suit changing preferences. Expanded omni-channel options, integrated loyalty reward redemption and geo-targeting capabilities further empower you to attract and retain customers, drive more in-store traffic and increase profitability.

Freedom of choice: With ACI’s cloud-based solution, you can choose and control the partners you work with. You have complete flexibility to select different fuel dispensing systems, acquirers, POS vendors, PIN entry devices (PEDs) and card processors, in line with your business needs.

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*  Six in Ten U.S. Adults Concerned with Data Security at Fuel Pumps and Convenience Stores

Digitize payments

Stay Flexible and In Control with Multi-Acquiring

Gain greater flexibility and control through a multi-acquiring strategy that helps you ensure business continuity, control operational costs and enhance customer experience. 

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