ACI Acquiring

Digital Payment Acceptance for Acquirers

Meet the challenge of increasing acquiring complexity with ACI Acquiring — a modern, secure, reliable solution that delivers digital innovation and effortless expansion to handle new payments

Global Acquiring
Multi-currency, multi-product, multi-scheme, multi-country capabilities in a single solution.

All Payment Types
Support for alternative payment methods (APMs), real-time payments, mobile payments, tokenization, virtual cards and accounts.

Compliance and Mandates
Compliance support included for reduced TCO: strong customer authentication (SCA), PA-DSS, scheme mandates (global, regional, domestic) and PCI.

Achieve Rapid Growth

Easily expand with the ability to rapidly accept alternative payment methods.

  • Offer merchants new eCommerce services with a cloud-based gateway
  • Avoid being locked into any one terminal provider or type: traditional POS and ePOS/mobile payments acceptance
  • Grow internationally by accepting any local and regional payment types, card or non-card
  • Leverage APIs to gain greater network flexibility and connectivity

A person uses their apple watch to pay
A person uses their smartphone to pay

Optimize Revenue

Gain efficiencies and protect your cash flow to boost your bottom line.

  • Utilize the same platform to process small business and large corporate customers
  • Ensure compliance with the latest regulations and mandates
  • Create high-value POS revenues with dynamic currency conversion
  • Guard against chargeback risks
  • Balance when and what you pay merchants based on profiles
  • Enhance decision making with data-rich dashboards and reporting

Manage Risk in Interchange Fees

Remove cost from interchange fees and improve merchant services without increasing risk.

  • Accurately pre-qualify transactions during a clearing
  • Integrate merchant calculation mechanism with interchange insights
  • Leverage Interchange++ calculations to grow margins
  • Take advantage of rich calculations, including for blended rates
A person holding both their smartphone and credit card in their hands with a laptop on a wooden table in the background

Transform Your Merchant Experience

Tailor your merchants’ experience with easy configuration and simplified billing.

  • Deliver always-on capabilities with a proven, resilient and scalable front-end authorization switch
  • Personalize merchant management across billing, pricing and services
  • Streamline and automate end-to-end management of disputes

Merchant Services

Flexible merchant fees (including Interchange++) and services billing options to grow margins and revenues.

Customer Management

Disputes management and rejection processing, with options for automation.

APIs and Web Services

Extensive catalog of APIs and web services to connect PSPs, merchants and value-added partners. Revenue sharing capability for sales partners.


Maximize Your Benefits

ACI Worldwide delivers a range of related payments software that supports your ongoing business success.

Automated Dispute Manager

Advanced solution for automated case management to simplify and streamline your dispute and adjustment process across all payment schemes.

ACI Fraud Management for Merchants

Multilayered, real-time fraud management and ongoing monitoring of online and mobile transactions for merchants and payment service providers.

ACI Omni-Commerce

A secure, scalable, omni-channel payment processing platform with the flexibility to support in-store, online and mobile payments.

ACI Enterprise Payments Platform

Enabling banks, processors, national infrastructures and fintechs to rapidly respond to shifting trends, regulatory mandates and new competition across all lines of business and payment types.