ACI Acquiring

Digital payments acceptance for merchant acquirers

Increase transaction volume and optimize margins with one simple, secure solution

Acquiring for all channels and interfaces

Build and scale end-to-end payments from instant onboarding to global payouts

Agreement Terms
Account Opening
Merchant Services
Fraud Monitoring
Risk Management

Enable acquirers to define business rules and parameters

Allow approved merchant applications to be created, including complex hierarchies

Open new revenue streams for merchants

Identify patterns based on major credit card schemes — segment and build risk rules

Support large merchant hierarchies and cover multiple time zones by processing transactions several times a day

Pay merchants using net or gross options

Hold part of the settlement in reserve if needed

Maximize margins by selecting Interchange++ for accurate fee calculation while presenting transaction and non-transcation based fees in one bill

acquiring channels and interfaces

Ready for technical certification in only 100 days

Trust a modern, secure, reliable platform that delivers digital innovation and effortless global expansion to handle new payment types when entering new markets. A fully automated deployment into Microsoft Azure allows you to focus on your core business implementation.

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Modernize your payments experience

Centrally monitor and control your entire IT-based payments infrastructure.

  • Gain real-time visibility, monitoring and analytics of transaction flows and systems
  • Deliver a flawless payments experience with reduced downtime
  • Turn data into intelligence with flexible reporting and deep insights


The Acquiring Advantage

Securing payments acceptance for real-time payments.