Consumer payment processing

Card and digital payments management

Complete end-to-end consumer payment processing, with digital channel and overlay capabilities to deliver value-added services to customers

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Process all current and emerging digital payment types from a single solution.

Guarantee real-time reliability and availability for any payment types

Deploy real-time balance capabilities to better serve customers without disrupting legacy systems

High-volume payment processing

Manage all payment types, including alternative and instant payments alongside cards and virtual instruments, from a single solution.

  • Manage cards and token-based digital payments
  • Enable consumer payment processing for online transactions
  • Converge cards and real-time payments to support digital innovation
  • Guarantee real-time reliability and availability for any payment type
  • Manage ATMs and digital banking channels, including emerging open banking trends
  • Enable comprehensive, real-time fraud detection
  • Lower total cost of ownership for current and future payment needs, card or non-card, and real-time transactions

Prepare for real-time open banking

Take consumer payment processing and acquiring beyond cards and deliver real-time payment experiences for customers while protecting against fraud.

Enable real-time payments and fraud prevention in advance of a new network being ready, placing you a step ahead of the competition

Extend the value of your payment processing with real-time and open banking capabilities

Deploy real-time balance capabilities to better serve customers without disrupting legacy systems

Leverage our experience powering real-time schemes worldwide

Benefit from flexible deployment options

Choose between a licensed or SaaS model — or a hybrid approach — based on your business needs.

  • Deploy SaaS in ACI’s data centers for customers in the U.K., U.S. and Europe
  • Lower operational costs via economies of scale and a shared access approach
  • Leverage SaaS offerings via the public cloud to increase speed of implementation
  • Meet peak volumes and save on costs with dynamic elasticity
  • Accelerate innovation through continuous implementation and development
  • Enhance collaboration between IT, DevOps, and third-party fintechs and partners
  • Ensure high availability, scalability and security through proven performance
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Transform legacy systems into next-gen technology

Combine features and functionalities of current systems and next-generation technologies in a coexistence environment

Continue business as usual while adding new services and innovating in a protected environment

Meet authentication and regulatory requirements

Transform your legacy systems at your own pace

Driving payments forward

ACI employees are part of several boards and industry groups, helping to influence and guide the payments industry as it evolves. Through our participation in these industry groups, we work with top payment players to create more targeted solutions that drive sales, ease new business and create a better payments ecosystem for all. ACI is a proud member of the following and many more organizations:


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