ACI High Value Real-Time Payments

Transaction routing for wires, swift and RTGS

Enable least-cost, SLA-driven routing, multi-bank, multi-currency, 24×7 payment processing capabilities and seamless integration with multiple clearing and settlement mechanisms, with ACI’s global payments engine

Seamlessly integrate
Leverage multi-bank, multi-currency and 24×7 payment processing capabilities

Achieve real-time payments modernization
Benefit from embedded business services through modern deployment methods and value-added capabilities

Flexible, global payment processing to meet every need

Delivered as a set of independent business services that can be orchestrated to meet a variety of specific processing requirements.

Extend high-value payments to enterprise internal or external global messaging

Packaged to service a range of business customers

Enable clearing and settlement mechanisms such as RTGS, ACH/SEPA and deferred net settlement systems

Customize payment processing with multi-bank, multi-currency and 24×7 processing capabilities

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Speed up cross-border payments

Industry-leading SWIFT gpi solution to enable you to quickly offer gpi services through an on-premise or cloud-based deployment. The proven solution supports around 9 percent of global SWIFT traffic and approximately 30 percent in the U.S.

Fast, cross-border funds transfer with SWIFT gpi and Visa B2B Connect

Track end-to-end transaction data stored in accessible databases

Directly connect into the SWIFT central database to monitor inbound and outbound gpi transactions

Derive the full value of SWIFT gpi data without re-engineering your back office

Protect your existing systems and business flows

Progress toward full real-time operations while supporting your existing systems and processes.

Leverage end-to-end ISO 20022 capabilities including integration into non-ISO systems and canonical orchestration of messages

Take full advantage of SWIFT gpi and Universal Confirmations for cross-border, real-time payments with complete SWIFT messaging capabilities

Capitalize on open payments with pre-packaged APIs compliant with PSD2, U.K. Open Banking, Monetary Authority of Singapore API Framework and Australia’s Customer Data Right

Ensure sensitive data management and compliance with customer controls via the third-party provider dashboard and management console

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Engage flexible deployment options

Choose between a licensed or SaaS model — or a hybrid approach — based on your business needs.

SaaS offering for Wires and SWIFT payments in ACI’s own data centers for customers in the U.K., U.S. and Europe

Utilize a licensed option to run and manage ACI software on your premises, in your private cloud or in the public cloud

Enable transaction enrichment and inquiry, liquidity management, batch process, fraud and risk management, and more to modernize your infrastructure

Leverage the SaaS model in the public cloud for quicker implementation

Modernize your payments experience

A single solution to centrally monitor and control your entire IT-based payments infrastructure.

  • Gain real-time visibility, monitoring and analytics of transaction flows, systems and queue statuses
  • Turn data into intelligence with flexible reporting and deep insights for different departments
  • Deliver a flawless payments experience with reduced downtime

Gain full SWIFT enablement

Provide customers with a better experience for cross-border payments, drastically reduce your costs and compete more effectively with the deployment of your choice.

ACI is the first certified vendor of SWIFT gpi solutions and a SWIFT partner for more than 20 years. Be secure in the knowledge that you have an established and trusted SWIFT partner for your gpi needs.

Compatible Application Payments
Compatible Application SWIFT gpi

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