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Governance, Risk and Compliance Software

Implement a comprehensive GRC program that empowers your bank to manage risk and achieve business objectives with support from ACI Worldwide

Understand the Need for Governance, Risk and Compliance

Credit risk, market risk, liquidity risk and more — banks face substantial risk in their day-to-day operations. Under the current conditions, it’s imperative that they develop strong governance, risk and compliance (GRC) programs as part of their larger enterprise risk management lifecycle.

But managing risk isn’t the only purpose GRC programs serve — with the appropriate controls in place, banks can remain compliant in both global and local regulatory environments and develop strong anti-money laundering practices.


The rules, policies and processes that enable banks to remain competitive and resilient in the face of changing market conditions


The policies, procedures and controls banks implement to manage and mitigate operational risk


The policies and protocols a bank has in place to ensure compliance with local and global regulations

Overcome Governance, Risk and Compliance Challenges

ACI Worldwide’s innovative governance, risk and compliance software provide banks with the advanced capabilities they need to overcome their most pressing challenges. 

Simple APIs

Eliminate organizational silos and integrate disparate, disconnected systems using simple APIs that allow for easy data orchestration and consolidation


Avoid misalignment between processes and organizational goals by leveraging automation to automatically apply policies to transactions

Continuous Monitoring

Proactively manage risk and identify money laundering activity with continuous monitoring capabilities

Compliance at Scale

Utilize rules-based engines and machine learning to establish and monitor behavioral baselines to achieve compliance at scale

Accurate Data

Prevent false positives by using machine learning to automate reporting and develop a centralized database for internalized documentation

Flexible Platform

Adapt to changing demands from regulatory authorities and government agencies using a highly flexible platform designed specifically to support rapid transformation

Enhance Your Governance, Risk and Compliance Program With ACI

ACI Fraud Management for banks is a world-class solution that empowers banks, acquirers, processors and networks to turn GRC initiatives into competitive differentiators using advanced governance, risk and compliance capabilities.

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