Mobile Wallet Bill Presentment, Payment and Communications

Engage with your customers using the native digital wallet already on their phone to easily present bills, provide a link to make payments, send valuable alerts and more.

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Pre-installed on most smartphones

Ease of Access
View and pay bills with just a few taps

Direct links to other products, services and program

Convenient, Seamless Mobile Billing & Payments

ACI moBills is a mobile payments platform for customers using a convenient, seamless bill presentment, notification and payments experience via the native wallet available on most smartphones.

Support cash-preferred consumers with barcode payment tokens for use at participating retail locations to quickly pay bills

Send ACI moBills directly to customers’ mobile wallets as a personalized card

Reduce payment confirmation calls by 20% and increase loyalty

Link to the complete billing statement

Offer a self-service way for customers to request payment deferrals based on pre-determined criteria, with the Delay My Payment feature

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Proven Smartphone Wallet Technology

ACI moBills provides seamless mobile bill presentment and payment solution for top brands in industries such as utilities, consumer finance, insurance, higher education, subscriptions and auto lending.

Decrease call center payment inquiries by 33%

Collect payments up to 4 days earlier

Reduce early-stage delinquency by 4%

Reduce servicing expense and paper costs

The State of Mobile Billing and Payments

Mobile Wallet Trend Report
Explore consumer preferences for mobile wallet billing and payments and how you can drive adoption.

Meet Mobile Bill Payment Demands

One in four consumers currently uses mobile wallet payment methods, and nearly half (47.6%) of those are using them daily or multiple times per week. Give your customers always-on access to information that keeps them from calling.

Simplify the consumer experience with mobile bill delivery and presentment

Enhance payment alerts with notifications sent directly to customer’s devices

Boost digital engagement with links to consumers’ complete statement and product documents

Native mobile wallets allow for easier customer enrollment – as simple as snapping a picture of a QR code or two taps in Apple Wallet or Google Pay.

A person pays for a purchase using their phone's mobile wallet.


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Send money in real-time to one or multiple parties through the latest payment options, including consumers’ debit cards.

Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Services (EBPP)

ACI Speedpay is a modern bill payment solution designed to deliver a better, integrated billing and payment experience for every generation and situation. Consumers can choose simple mobile and web payment methods, without giving up the option of walk-in or call center payments.

Bill Payment API: Payments Authorization, Processing and Remittance

ACI Bill Payment Engine Application Program Interface (API) enables outsourced bill payment processing while you maintain control of the user interface.

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