Real-Time Disbursements

Fast and Secure Disbursement Services

Send money in real time to one or multiple parties while offering your customers a choice in how to receive their funds including directly to their debit cards with Visa Direct / Mastercard Send, ACH, prepaid card or check

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Reduce Administrative Expenses
Lower payment return rates mean less staff time spent on research and escheatment management

Increase Accuracy and Control
View the status of all disbursements with real-time access to payments information and reporting from a web-based interface

Deliver a Better Customer Experience
Issue credits, refunds, and claim payments faster while providing better customer service with real-time updates at each step of the payment process

Enhance The Consumer Experience

To compete effectively, you need to provide a frictionless, digital payments experience that meets fast-changing consumer preferences and omnichannel payment challenges.

Enable near real-time disbursements with money sent to accounts in 30 minutes or less

Improve efficiency by reaching nearly 100% of U.S. Visa, Mastercard and STAR debit cards

Avoid the hassle of multi-party checks by sending money to multiple recipients electronically

Save money with electronic payments over more costly printing and mailing of checks

Eliminate the friction and time delays associated with disbursements

Parties receive their disbursements as soon as they are issued

Easy Reporting
Simplify reporting and reconciliation without waiting for consumers to deposit checks

Secure Payments
Secure funding solution immediately pushes funds to debit cards with built-in authentication and risk management

Reduce Costs
Digitize payments to multiple parties and individual consumers at a lower cost

Improve Payment Delivery Times and Customer Satisfaction

ACI’s digital disbursement services give billers a powerful new way to save and increase satisfaction by offering customers a choice in how they receive their funds. Through multi-party digital disbursements, billers can improve payment delivery speed and customer satisfaction.

Reduce friction for claim payments to multiple parties

Send funds to the recipient’s preferred payments method

Tailor web and mobile experiences with consistent branding

Speed the delivery of refund payments while saving on print and mail costs

“We continue to hear from our branch how pleased customers are with how quickly they see loan proceeds on their debit card.”

CIO, Leading Consumer Finance Company

“Funds are available to the customer’s debit card within minutes, the majority within seconds, after funding, reducing access to funds by up to three days compared to some banks’ processing of paper checks.”

CIO, Leading Consumer Finance Company

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