Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment

A New Generation of EBPP Services

Proven to raise customer satisfaction 25%, ACI’s integrated suite of electronic billing, payment and communication services lowers cost while delivering industry-leading security.

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Accept payments via Mobile apps and wallets, website, Email, SMS, IVR, CSR, Walk-In, Kiosk and Mail

Right Time, Right Payment Options
Offer one-time, recurring and guest payments

eLockbox Security
Consolidate online/mobile banking payments, walk-in/mailed payments, and other payments from your own channels

Your One Solution for Every Billing and Payment Need

ACI Speedpay is a modern bill payment solution designed to deliver a better, integrated billing and payment experience for every generation and situation. Consumers can choose simple mobile and web payment methods, without giving up the option of walk-in or call center payments.

With the ACI Speedpay solution, viewing and paying bills seamlessly integrates with your overall customer experience. No matter how they decide to make their payment, the experience will be easy.

ACI’s highly configurable solution is pre-built for integration with 100+ systems. Plus, ACI’s strategic partnerships mean that you get a holistic, comprehensive electronic bill presentment and payment service. ACI’s free consumer marketing consultation and creative resources produce superior adoption rates, giving clients faster ROI.

ACI Speedpay includes services for one-time payments, recurring payments, integrated payment plans, service-fee payments, integrated treasury management and real-time digital disbursements.

A person uses their phone to scan a QR code to pay their bill.

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Increase Consumer Engagement by 30%

Engage your customers using a single platform to send all communications from alerts, to bills, to documents, to regulatory notices and marketing communications.

Reduce customer service calls by up to 10%

Cut document delivery costs by up to 50%

Boost engagement with targeted messages and notifications

Manage print, email, text, mobile, and website messaging with a single system

Develop, change, manage content and govern all communications to educe expenses, resources, and timelines


Send Money Quickly and Securely at a Lower Cost

ACI’s Digital Disbursement Services provide you with a low-cost way to send money to your customers in real-time. Customers simply provide their debit card number and the money goes directly into the account associated with that card. Or, if consumers prefer, we can send the money via ACH, Alternative Payment Method, gift card (physical or virtual), or paper check. No matter how they choose to get paid, you get rich reporting and industry-leading security.

We can disburse multi-party insurance claims, student refunds, loan distributions, loyalty rewards, rebates, payouts, government benefits and many other payments.

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Let Customers Quickly Pay Their Bills

Offer a fast, cost-effective, accurate way for consumers to pay all their bills—from the mortgage to the babysitter—from a single website or mobile app.

Leverage 9,000+ endpoint relationships to deliver electronic payments quickly and accurately.

ACI Speedpay Pulse Report: Billing and Payment Trends and Behaviors

2020 was a year like no other. What has the result been for billing and payments?

In this video, learn how billing & payment technologies are evolving and how having the right payments partner is critical to meeting customer demand.


As billing and payment technologies evolve faster than ever before, having the right payments partner is critical for helping you meet the accelerated demands of your customers. ACI Worldwide, the Universal Payments company, acquired Official Payments and Online Resources to give you access to the best technologies of all three companies for a single, more powerful payments partner. More than 3,000 organizations trust ACI‘s hosted and SAAS based bill presentments and payments solutions to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Your customers have high demands and expect a wide range of payment channels, including online and mobile, and many different payment options. Today, ACI offers the most secure and convenient ways to pay, giving your customers exactly what they demanding, and giving you ways to engage your customers better than ever before.

Create a direct communications channel to expand customer relationships with ACI’s personalized bill presentment capabilities, including targeted offers, customized videos and text. Your customers can easily receive email or text payment reminders, as well as schedule one-time and recurring payments plans with ACI Payments Solutions. With every interaction, ACI enables you to deepen and fulfill your customer relationships. But this is just the beginning, ACI’s Universal Payments, or UP Strategy, will bring greater capabilities, allowing you and your customers to connect any way, any where, and any time. Expanded control over the user experience, payment operations, targeted customer messaging, and offers, combined with power analytics will create new opportunities for you to further engage your customers and cement their loyalty. ACI’s vision is to reinvent the payments industry, only Universal Payments, or UP, can give you control, choice, and flexibility to meet your business needs today and lead the industry into the future.

To learn more about how ACI can help you engage your customers, visit aciworldwide.com/engage and connect with us today!

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ACI Speedpay is a modern bill payment solution designed to deliver a better, integrated billing and payment experience for every generation and situation. Consumers can choose simple mobile and web payment methods, without giving up the option of walk-in or call center payments.

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