Digital Central Infrastructure

Cutting Edge Real-Time Payment Infrastructures

Deploy secure real-time payment rails, launch new payment methods and schemes with back-office management using a single, innovative infrastructure solution

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ACI’s Digital Central Infrastructure: One Partner, One Solution

Transform payment ecosystems using a proven, tailored, real-time payment solution with onsite professional consultations.

Promote financial inclusion and unlock revenue streams with new payment use cases

Maximize the benefits of real-time payments with ISO 20022 messaging and an API-friendly solution

Reduce complexities and monetize the real-time payments revolution

Increase speed to market with an integrated digital overlay solution and back-office capabilities

A Single Solution for the Entire Payments Ecosystem

ACI provides an edge to central banks and financial institutions by bringing together real-time rails with integrated overlay services including back-office management in a single solution that increases speed to market.

  • Improve liquidity management and cash flows with an all-in-one inclusive solution
  • Introduce innovative payment use cases like QR codes, Request to Pay and more
  • Reduce illegal cash-based activities by leveraging network intelligence
  • Enable integrated back-office reporting and settlement to increase fund traceability

Delivering a Next-Generation Payments System

Research from ACI and GlobalData forecasts that real-time payments will account for 27.8% of all electronic payments globally by 2027*. Here are the top considerations on how to best take advantage of the new opportunities ushered in by next-generation payments.

Meet Global Standards for Real-Time Payments

Whether it is mandated by government, driven by businesses or citizen demands, the real-time revolution is here. Update to global standards and facilitate scheme interoperability to benefit from real-time payments adoption.

Enable country-side processing of instant payments

Maintain the liquidity position for each participant

Process both financial and non-financial ISO 20022 messages

Generate settlement and reconciliation reports for participants

Connect to a rich suite of APIs to realize new payment use cases

Increase interoperability with global real-time schemes

Accelerate Real-Time Payments Adoption

Benefit the entire payments ecosystem with ACI’s digital central infrastructure and keep pace as the market demands for new and innovative payment cases increase.

  • Stay competitive and strengthen the country’s global economic position
  • Foster innovation and remain tech-relevant
  • Combat money laundering in real time
  • Meet customer demands and reduce barriers to business


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Real-Time Payments Advantage

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