Corporate Sustainability

Since our founding, ACI Worldwide has remained committed to serving our customers with the highest standards and giving back to the communities across our global footprint. We look to amplify these efforts and others in our focus areas as we continue our corporate sustainability journey.

Environmental, Social and Governance Efforts at ACI

ACI Worldwide is committed to maintaining the highest standards when serving our customers and to giving back to communities across our global footprint. Our Values — Integrity, Accountability, Diversity and Customer Centricity — are the foundation of how we do business and drive many corporate responsibility efforts.

Our sustainability initiatives have been recognized by EcoVadis, one of the world’s largest independent providers of business sustainability ratings and assessments, with a silver medal rating (2022) and are focused on three high-level topics:

  • Sustaining the Planet — Digital services, measuring and minimizing our impact, investing in energy improvements and reducing waste and water usage
  • Sustaining Our People and Communities — Expanding economic access, global diversity, tenure, employee experience and development, health and safety and community engagement
  • Sustaining Our Business — Responsible governance, doing business with integrity, maintaining crisis preparedness and operational resiliency, protecting customer data and privacy, ensuring product accessibility and quality services and advancing supply chain sustainability

We look to amplify these efforts as we continue our corporate responsibility journey.

Sustaining the Planet

For decades, ACI’s digital payments software has been part of a broader paper-saving revolution. Our solutions eliminate the need for paper-based bills and payments, conserving valuable forest resources that provide oxygen, improve air quality, conserve water, preserve biodiversity and mitigate climate change.

We also work to minimize our impacts by reducing energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and solid waste generation. Our Environmental Policy outlines our commitment to providing quality services while operating in compliance with all relevant environmental regulations.

We understand the importance of environmental impact reporting. One of our interim Resource Efficiency and Climate Resiliency goals is to assess and disclose Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2024. In 2022, we started our journey to meet this goal by gathering purchased electricity data for 2021 and reporting our energy usage and energy efficiency for the first time. We continued to journey by complete a Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions inventory for 2022.

Sustaining Our People and Our Communities

ACI’s solutions allow people anywhere to access any payment type, opening life’s possibilities up to everyone, including people historically disadvantaged by location, education, disability, race, gender, ethnicity, wealth or other circumstances. We are proud that our core products and services help ensure inclusive and equitable access to the digital economy.

ACI is also committed to seeking out and leveraging differences and unique perspectives to drive continued business success. Our diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategy is focused on connecting DEI to individual and business success, ensuring equal opportunities and developing diverse leaders to foster an inclusive work environment. We are dedicated to empowering and promoting diverse leaders within the organization. We saw a one percent uptick in the percentage of women in management from 2021 to 2022. Additionally, fifty percent of our Board of Directors are women and/or ethnically diverse. Women and members of underrepresented groups hold important roles across the organization.  

ACI and our employees actively take part in many philanthropic endeavors. We are proud to offer up to eight hours of volunteer time off each month to allow our team members to support non-profit organizations. At the corporate level, we work with organizations to support science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education, gender parity, and payments and financial inclusion. At the local level, ACI empowers our team members around the world to identify and work with organizations they believe will have the most powerful positive impact in their local communities.

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Sustaining Our Business

ACI builds and maintains positive business relationships with our customers by adhering to a highly ethical set of standards that comply with laws and regulations worldwide. These standards are reflected in our corporate governance as well as policies such as the Anti-Slavery Policy.

ACI fosters a strong culture of accountability and is committed to achieving continued growth and success through lawful and ethical practices. We maintain a zero-tolerance policy for unethical behavior, including actions that may erode our reputation or threaten the well-being of our investors, employees, customers, business partners or other stakeholders. We maintain positive stakeholder relationships by adhering to our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, which provides guidelines for responsible business conduct and compliance with laws and regulations worldwide.

We believe risk prevention and safeguarding customer information is our responsibility and a privilege. Our Privacy Policy details our practices pertaining to personal data protection and interest-based advertising, including our General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) lawful basis for processing personal data in the European Union.

We do not currently accept unsolicited funding requests, but if you have additional questions or feel your organization aligns with our goals, please email our corporate responsibility team.

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