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Deliver “New School” Convenience

How can you make it easier for your students, their parents and alumni to make payments? ACI is the one partner you need to upgrade your campus payment systems to accommodate the latest demand for easy ways to pay for tuition, make on-campus purchases and donations.

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Trusted by Over 300 Higher Education Institutions

  • Easy payments – anywhere, anytime satisfy students, alumni and families with mobile, online, phone, point-of-sale and kiosk payments.
  • Simplify retail payments for bookstores, events and alumni donations.
  • Quickly add new payment locations, like summer camps and marketplaces and improve campus access cards. 2

Offer More Options with ACI Payment Plan

  • Convenient payments technology that integrates with your existing business processes.
  • Pre-integration into Ellucian and Oracle platforms and their partners like Adirondack, Salepoint, Softdocs means that you will enjoy lower implementation, maintenance and licensing costs.
  • Choose your options: Use ACI’s mobile interface and websites for self-service or use a self-service site provided by your student information system.
  • Benefit from lower payment processing costs with a service fee option to eliminate 100% of card processing fees.
  • Managed by our experts in the ACI cloud, UP solutions feature faster time to market, lower cost and stronger security.
  • Secure data centers offer comprehensive security and regulatory compliance that can drive savings of 19% saving on security and compliance alone.
  • Higher level of diligence with better patching cadence and reduced open ports.
  • ACI is one of the few providers on the validated PCI point-to-point encryption (P2PE) providers list.

Protect your customers and your reputation

  • Take control of billing and communications with easy ways to personalize your messages to each person.
  • Easily deliver bills, billing alerts and tax statements including 1098-T and 1098-E.
  • Deliver across multiple communication methods including text, email, mobile, tablet, web and print documents.

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 Full Product Info:    Bill Pay Solution    |    Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment Services

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