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Drive Utility Customer Satisfaction with Mobile Billing and Payments

Consumers are becoming more comfortable with newer billing technologies and are using them more than ever. ACI Speedpay has solutions to serve all your customers — from kiosks to mobile wallet billing and payment. ACI is the partner you need to engage your customers and raise satisfaction while lowering costs.


Offer Anywhere, Anytime Payments

Give your customers innovative, fast and convenient experiences.

  • Meet the demands for instant payments with mobile, online, phone, point-of-sale, field and kiosk payments
  • Engage your customers in their mobile wallet with billing and notifications, payment arrangements, and bill payments with just a few taps
  • Leverage disbursement services and improve customer satisfaction with real-time debit card, ACH and check payments
anytime payments mobile platform

Utility Provider LCEC Saves $3M a Year with ACI Solutions

LCEC grew their savings and customer engagement by adding web, mobile and IVR payment options.

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One Platform with Many Ways to Communicate and Pay

Transform your ability to satisfy and engage your customers through our electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) offering.

  • Adopt new methods preferred by younger borrowers, including text-to-pay, mobile wallets and live chat
  • Improve collection rates and reduce disconnections by accepting payments in the field at your customer's door
  • Lessen your PCI-compliance burden through call center payments
  • Offer self-service payment options to enable anywhere, anytime payments
Utilities Industry Payment Options

Bill Payment Solutions for Utilities

  1. ACI Speedpay — A suite of billing and payment solutions to drive utility customer satisfaction  
  2. Electronic bill presentment and payment services — Deliver one solution for every billing and payments need across all payment channels
  3. Mobile wallet solutions  — Present bills, provide a link to pay and send valuable alerts to your customers' native digital wallet
  4. Text message payments — Ease compliance, reduce collections cost and offer the number one customer service channel