Machine Learning

Defeat Fraud With Powerful Machine Learning

Protect customers and dramatically reduce false positives through rapid deployment of advanced machine learning models and powerful automated model generation capabilities. Guided and automated machine learning serves as part of a multi-layered fraud strategy designed for rapid deployment and ease of use by business users.

Faster, More Accurate Fraud Detection
Adapt to changes in fraud and spending patterns in real-time and increase accuracy by as much as 40-50%.

Fewer False Positives
Improve fraud detection rates by as much as 22% while maintaining or improving false-positive rates for customer satisfaction.

Operational Efficiencies
Increase the accuracy and lifespan of existing models with patented incremental learning models.

Multi-Layered Fraud Strategies
Models trained on your own data and/or powerful consortium data, in combination with powerful rules.

Rapidly Deploy Machine Learning for Fraud Prevention

Many financial institutions struggle with artificial intelligence projects that necessitate big data consolidation into lakes and warehouses. ACI’s model generator enables banks, processors, acquirers and networks to rapidly create and adapt predictive machine learning models and business rules, leveraging data directly from payment flows.

Create and maintain predictive machine learning models within minutes

Streamline deployment of fraud strategies

Launch as a fully certified private offer via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace for automated deployment

Gain easy access to examine and analyze data, calculate scenarios and document key modeling steps

Digital rendering of arrows moving upwards, they are made up of blue dots.

Binary code, ones and zeros in a 1970 dot matrix font on a computer screen. An infinity and lens bokeh effect applied.
Binary code, ones and zeros in a 1970 dot matrix font on a computer screen. An infinity and lens bokeh effect applied.

Powerful Community Models Tailored to Your Merchant Segment

Get customized models and a vast array of community data to accelerate and improve the efficiency of your fraud management.

Benefit from network fraud intelligence and in-depth sector expertise of our data scientists and fraud analysts

Leverage models customized to your business or tailored to retail, travel, telecommunications and QSR sectors

Deploy machine learning models as part of a multi-layered approach to online and mobile fraud prevention

Build customer profiles, spot emerging fraud signals and benefit from patented incremental learning technology that increases the lifespan of your models


Features of data points create a deeper understanding of consumer behavior


Unique behavioral attributes allow for more accurate detection of fraud patterns

Empower Business Users with Transparency and Insight

Traditional machine learning technologies required specialist data science skills, preventing business users from directly inputting fraud prevention expertise or extracting data. ACI’s model generator puts the power back into the hands of the business.

Create features, define coverage metrics and select candidate features in the workbench with automated analytics and results in publishing

Sustain relevance with static and adaptive features individually configured to maintenance plans

Comprehensively assess models with intuitive graphics

Build further models from a self-maintainable features library

Benchmark findings over an outside window and publish results with automated model training

Adjust models in real-time with control over incoming financial and non-financial events

Business accounting concept, Business man using calculator with , budget and loan papers in his office.
Business accounting concept, Business man using calculator with computer laptop, budget and loan paper in office.

Gain Full SWIFT gpi Enablement

Provide customers with a better experience for cross-border payments, drastically reduce your costs and compete more effectively with the deployment of your choice.

ACI is the first certified vendor of SWIFT gpi solutions. Be secure in the knowledge that you have an established and trusted SWIFT partner for your gpi needs.

Enable Enterprise payments

Explore More Solutions

Learn about our additional solution capabilities.

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Multilayered, real-time fraud management and ongoing monitoring of online and mobile transactions for merchants and payment service providers.

ACI Fraud Management for Banking

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Strong Customer Authentication

Complete fraud management solution that delivers full SCA compliance with value-added capabilities to enable your exemptions strategy.

Network Intelligence

Powerful proprietary technology that enables banks, processors, acquirers and networks to securely share and consume industry-wide fraud signals to feed their machine learning models alongside proprietary data

Robotic Process Automation

Advanced solution that allows businesses to improve operational efficiency and automatically respond to data, events and interactions to process transactions, trigger customer outreach or communicate with other digital systems.

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