Case Study

Moneris Reduces Operating Costs While Providing Top-Tier Customer Service

Moneris Solutions, a leading global processor with core businesses throughout North America, was challenged to stay ahead of evolving core interchange requirements, reduce fraud and provide a superior customer experience. Moneris was also faced with shifting interchange requirements, necessitating a back-end processing solution that would support new requirements and deliver growth.

Discover how Moneris implemented ACI Acquiring to drive $10 million in cost savings in less than two years, to address new interchange requirements and support its more than 300,000 merchant locations.

“ACI understands the business, is flexible enough to offer choices, and provides value and functionality that help us drive down costs.”

jim Baumgartner
Former President and CEO, Moneris Solutions

“We wouldn’t be able to do this without a relationship with ACI that is built on a combination of mutual trust, reliability and flexibility.”

jim Baumgartner
Former President and CEO, Moneris Solutions

The Challenge

Moneris needed to stay ahead of evolving core interchange requirements, reduce fraud and continue to provide top-tier customer service. When core interchange requirements changed, Moneris had to determine the best merchant acquiring back-end processing solution to support the new requirements and ensure the company’s long-term growth. The processor also needed to reduce fraud while providing top-tier customer service.

The Solution

Moneris determined that an external solution would better support the company’s longterm requirements compared to the current in-house approach. As a result, Moneris chose to deploy ACI Acquiring on IBM System z. With ACI Acquiring, Moneris was able to bring all back-end processing for its merchants in house, as well as support the new interchange requirements

The Results

The implementation of ACI Acquiring provided Moneris with a cost savings of over $10 million in less than two years. Moneris is now supporting more than 300,000 merchant locations with ACI solutions. Additionally, the average loss per merchant incident file has gone down by 25%.




Financial Institutions

Company Size:

1,001 – 5,000 employees


North America