ACI PayAfter

Gain Access to 70+ BNPL Lenders in a Single Integration

Increase credit approvals and drive new revenue with ACI PayAfter, a powerful offering that instantly connects your customers to a wide array of buy now, pay later (BNPL) lenders

mobile purchase approval

A single integration and contract gains access to 70+ BNPL lenders

one click iconConvenient
Allow customers to apply with all lenders with one credit application

business service iconProfitable
Increase checkout conversions and reach an 85% consumer credit approval rate*

Increase Credit Approval Rates

Leverage a wide network of buy now, pay later lenders — and all their financial products — to approve and accept more consumer applications.

Tap into a wider array of BNPL customers


of “no bank” or “under banked” credit-worthy consumers

2 in 5

people use BNPL to avoid paying credit card interest**


consumer credit approval rate*

Offer Consumers a Simpler Application Experience

Deliver the ultimate in consumer convenience with a single application, only one button to click and credit limits up to $20K USD.

Fill one credit application

Simplify and Optimize Your Buy Now, Pay Later Business

ACI PayAfter delivers instant access to 70+ BNPL providers, offering a simple way to ensure more creditworthy consumers are approved.

  • Gain full access to all lenders through a single contract with ACI
  • Surface key business insights through actionable data dashboards
  • Optimize liquidity management with next-day settlement
  • Reduce integration costs up to 40%*
mobile purchase approval


Create a Framework for Optimization

ACI Worldwide’s payments orchestration platform streamlines connectivity to the payments and fraud ecosystem so you can design seamless payment flows.

*ACI internal customer data
**Study: Buy Now, Pay Later Services Continue Explosive Growth, Motley Fool, March 2021