Omni-Commerce Payment Analytics

Maximize Profits with Actionable Data Insights

Gain conversion-driving insights with omni-commerce payment analytics for merchants, part of the ACI Omni-Commerce solution. Reduce cart abandonment and streamline your payment processes to elevate customer experience with real-time data insights.

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Perform In-Depth Data Exploration
Dynamically build graphs and dashboards with data that can be sliced and diced to highlight areas of interest.

Accelerate Decision-Making
Assess, analyze and translate complex payment data sets into meaningful business insights through powerful visualizations.

Stay Informed
Get a comprehensive view of your payments and set alerts for analyzing critical KPIs.

Turn Payment Insights into Profits

Improve your sales conversion rate and marketing ROI by analyzing and identifying patterns through your payments data, such as customers’ preferred payment methods, high-performing stores or the payments value and volumes during normal and peak seasons.

Translate complex data sets into meaningful data visualization.

Customize dashboards most relevant for sales, marketing and operations.

Create custom alerts for analyzing critical KPIs, such as transaction volumes, denial rates, stand-ins, reversals and more.

Improve adoption of new payment methods and channels with pattern and trend analysis.

Gain real-time visibility into your entire payments environment.

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Stay Omni-Present with Omni-Channel Analytics

ACI’s cloud-based, self-service, integrated omni-commerce analytics give you the flexibility of any time, anywhere access to your payments data.

  • Action corrective measures faster based on incoming data.
  • Centralize your view of payments across channels, from in-store to eCommerce.
  • Aggregate insights from different systems involved in the payments process.
  • Deploy a cloud-based, self-service portal for scalability and security.

Achieve Agility with Payment Analytics

Intuitive, simple and easy-to-understand dashboards ensure teams can move quickly and confidently based on payment data insights. Tune your strategies based on real-time or historical data insights, enable teams for rapid response and define best action paths by analyzing common problems over a defined period to accelerate decision making.

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