ACI Expert Risk Analysts

Tailored, Real-Time Risk Strategies

Protect your customers, your reputation and your bottom line with dedicated support from a global team of experienced fraud and risk analysts. Support from ACI expert risk analysts comes as an inclusive part of our ACI Fraud Management service.

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Global expertise
Located throughout the world, our analysts have years of first-hand experience in global fraud behaviors.

Industry Protection
Regardless of your industry, our Global Risk Team works to ensure you are protected during daily operations, at peak times, launching new products or expanding internationally.

Complementary Partnership
ACI analysts quickly become an extension of your in-house fraud team.

Global Protection and Expertise

Our Global Risk Team works to ensure you are continuously protected. Regular reviews

Rely on the expertise of analysts with certifications in fraud management and backgrounds in machine learning, predictive modeling analytics, structure query language (SQL) and more

Continuously improve performance while providing advice on implications of fraud for new markets, products or promotions

Regular reviews ensure merchant fraud strategies remain effective

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Safe and Secure

ACI Worldwide has a wide range of fraud prevention capabilities that enable banks to achieve industry-leading performance.

ACI Fraud Management for Banking

Real-time, machine-learning-driven fraud management solution for banks, processors, acquirers and payment networks.

ACI Fraud Management for Merchants

Multilayered, real-time fraud management and ongoing monitoring of online and mobile transactions for merchants and payment service providers.

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