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Keeping Everything in Play

Payments and the Digital Entertainment Revolution

The proliferation of smartphones, rapid product innovations, increased consumer connectivity and the growth of social media have powered the digital entertainment revolution. This has radically changed the way that customers purchase and consume games, movies and music. ACI understands the challenges this presents for merchants and offers solutions to deliver a fast, frictionless and secure digital payments experience.

UP eCommerce Payments Solution for Gaming
keeping payments in play

Consumer convenience: Make it quick and easy for your customers to pay, with one-click and subscription payments, digital wallets, alternative payments, mobile payments and prepaid cards. Support impulse purchases and offer the payment methods with which your customers are familiar, wherever they are in the world.

Fast fingers:  Don’t be responsible for lost gaming and leisure time – fast, effective payment processing increases customer contentment, encouraging repeat purchases. ACI can screen and process your customer purchases in milliseconds, to ensure an uninterrupted user experience.

Securing sales: If a customer pauses and questions the security of their payment, the transaction is lost. ACI delivers robust, PCI compliant, end-to-end security - giving customers the confidence to complete their transactions, knowing their details are secure. Sophisticated fraud management tools, tailored to the digital goods segment, seamlessly support the customer experience, increasing conversions and minimizing losses.

Monitoring performance: Your customers might be remote, but your view of their preferences and payment behaviors doesn‘t need to be. ACI’s intuitive Business Intelligence portal ensures you can monitor transactions, manage chargebacks and identify anomalies and trends, all in one place, via a user-friendly interface.  

  UP eCommerce Payments Solution

digital entertainment background

Turn Players into Payers – Understanding the Gaming Payments Experience

With consumers spending more time and money than ever on games, the opportunity for gaming companies is vast. But monetization and creating sustained customer loyalty are complex issues - and getting the payments experience right is vital.

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