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Enable Your Gaming Customers to Play and Pay Anywhere, Anytime, on Any Device

The ACI Secure eCommerce solution for gaming will help you drive sales and build the global payments network of your dreams.

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The 2020 rollercoaster – rising revenues and fraud

Gaming has experienced a massive COVID-19-inspired boom, leading to an increase in spending and fraud. Get timely insights on how you can quickly recognize and defeat this emerging fraud threat.

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  • $14 trillion in daily payments and securities transactions processed

  • Thousands of merchants served globally 

  • 40+ years of payments expertise
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Stay Flexible and in Control Through Multi-Acquiring and Smart Dynamic Routing

New research from ACI and Edgar, Dunn & Company reveals the benefits to merchants of acquirer independence, including greater resilience, improved conversion rates and reduced operational costs. 

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More Business from Your Game

  • Flexibility to respond to changing player demands.

  • Independence to select the acquirer and vendors of your choice.

  • Fast, effective payment processing

  • Single point of integration via RESTful APIs

  • Global footprint with hundreds of payment methods, currencies and languages

  • Fraud management tools tailored to digital goods.

Provide a Frictionless Payments Experience for the Player

  • Simple and fast: one-time purchases and subscription via 1-click payments

  • Uninterrupted playing and paying experience

  • Pay his/her way: allow gamers to use their preferred payment method

  • Secure, robust, PCI-compliant, end-to-end security

  • Consistent experience across devices and channels
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2018 global gaming market USD 138.7B according to Newzoo estimates