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How ACI Supports Financial Institutions

ACI Worldwide is a global software company that provides mission-critical real-time payment solutions to financial institutions.

We combine our global footprint with local presence to drive the real-time digital transformation of payments and commerce. We are trusted as the technology provider of choice by Tier 1 organizations around the world.

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ACI Supports Financial Institutions
Solutions for Payments Modernization

Solutions for Payments Modernization

The payments ecosystem is rapidly changing. Financial institutions need to enable new payment services and types and modernize existing infrastructure to meet the demands of real-time.

  • Flexibility to respond to consumer and market demands, such as instant issuing, virtual credit, re-payment options (installments/deferred, etc.)
  • Reduced time to market for new products
  • Processing for all digital payment instruments
  • Reduce the cost of offering payment services
  • Support the convergence of payments

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Primed for the Real-Time Opportunity

Real-time requirements are the biggest challenge for financial institutions. Legacy technologies are not real-time-ready and inhibit the ability to launch new services, connect to new networks and partners, or reduce the burden of compliance.

  • Real-time native, proven solutions for transaction banking (high value), consumer payments acquiring  and processing (low valuecards and alternative payment methods) and fraud management
  • Meet all real-time requirements, including real-time responses, authorizations, fraud prevention, balance inquiries, etc.
  • Built on real-time standards with real-time capabilities that underpin new value-added services
  • Pre-integrate with digital overlay services across alternative and real-time payments and digital channels
  • Deploy quickly and with speed to market for new services

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Primed for the Real Time Opportunity

Thought Leadership for Financial Institutions

Reaping the Full Potential of Real Time Payments

EBAday 2020: Reaping the Full Potential of Real-Time Payments

ACI’s Dean Wallace, director solution leadership, Real-Time and Digital, recently took part in an EBAday panel to discuss what businesses need from banks to reap the full potential of real-time payments, how fintechs can assist and how collaboration can be advanced on a global scale. 

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Role of Regulation Collaboration and Competition

The Role of Regulation, Collaboration and Competition in Pushing Forward Payments Modernization

While geographic regions have taken their own approaches to payments modernization, they all face some common challenges — a principal one being adoption of real-time payments.

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What Will the World of Post Pandemic Payments Look Like

What Will the World of Post-Pandemic Payments Look Like?

Dave Birch is a leading global authority on payments and digital identity, who is no stranger to predicting what the future of financial services has in store. After delivering the keynote presentation at our recent ACI Edge Virtual: Banks & Intermediaries, we gathered some insights from Dave on what the world of payments could look like, post pandemic.

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