Central Infrastructure

National Card and Real-Time Payments Infrastructures

Quickly launch new schemes, rapidly connect and onboard participants, and bring new digital payment services to market with ACI Enterprise Payments Platform

Launch Modern Real-Time Infrastructures

Whether mandated by governments or driven by citizen and business demands, real-time payments are needed to keep pace with global markets. ACI Low Value Real-Time Payments enable real-time and digital capabilities for existing card networks or as a stand-alone net-new real-time rail.

Add real-time capabilities to existing card acquiring and processing schemes, or launch net-new real-time schemes

Meet global standards for real-time payments and interoperable, rich data messaging with ISO 20022-native solutions

Leverage digital overlay capabilities for Request to Pay, QR codes, P2P and social media payments as core functionality

Offer centralized fraud prevention with pre-integration to ACI’s real-time ready ACI Fraud Management solution and network intelligence capabilities

Gain flexibility with deployment options that include on premise, Software as a Service in the public cloud with Microsoft Azure or Software as a Service in partnership with Mastercard

Take advantage of best-in-class solutions for every element of a central infrastructure, including software, scheme rules, digital overlay services, testing, participant connectivity and onboarding, with the partnership offering from ACI Worldwide and Mastercard

Solutions Tailored for Central infrastructure Needs

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Scale and Support High Volumes

Benefit from unrivaled scalability and proven reliability at the high volumes required for national infrastructures

Enable Alternative Payments and Adoption

Bring new real-time and alternative payments to markets and rapidly onboard participants to drive adoption

Support Overlay and Value-Added Services

Enable Request to Pay, QR codes, social media payments, P2P payments and centralized fraud services

Achieve Speed to Market

Accelerate innovation and drive cost efficiencies with ACI solutions that are offered in licensed or SaaS models — or as a hybrid — and available on your premises, in the public cloud or in a private cloud

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Enable Cards and Alternative Payment Methods

Both acquiring and processing national infrastructures must keep pace with market demands for new services. ACI Acquiring and ACI Enterprise Payments Platform enable operators to maintain a competitive edge.

State Bank of India Manages Nation’s Largest ATM Network

The State Bank of India has more than 75 million customers, 9,000 branches and 200,000 employees. When it was time to implement a state-of-the-art ATM system, it moved swiftly. ACI technology helped the State Bank of India reach its goals.

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