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Pick n Pay is increasing its store footprint

A rapidly emerging middle-class, improving infrastructure, and cheaper and easier cross-border remittance is completely turning Africa’s retail industry around. As a result, Pick n Pay is increasing its store footprint over the next five years, expanding significantly in South Africa, and going slowly into Africa. This growth poses challenges as every country in Africa has different payments legalities. For example, there are different legalities of switching transactions within a country, or to and from South Africa. Another challenge Pick n Pay faces is to deliver innovative loyalty offers to its customer base.

UP Merchant Payments provides a robust and stable EFT switching environment

The unions of formal banks and merchants are becoming the branches of the future in Africa. Pick n Pay is beginning to offer basic banking services at point of sale, such as withdrawing or depositing funds into a bank account via a bank card. Pick n Pay has begun piloting kiosks staffed by bank personnel in store for transactions, such as applying for a bank account or personal loan. UP Merchant Payments provides a very robust and stable EFT-switching environment for these services.

Increase in online sales and upturn in click and collect

Pick n Pay saw a 30 percent increase in online sales in the last year with an upturn in click and collect, where the customer orders online and collects from a specific store. Pick n Pay has also launched Brand Match, a price comparison service for top-selling items, doing price comparisons and sub-second loyalty calculations around two million times a day through the ACI solution.

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