High-Value Payment Processing for SWIFT gpi and Visa B2B

Achieve speed to market ahead of global regulatory deadlines and create competitive differentiation in your customer experience with Global, multi-currency, high-value payment processing and management for SWIFT gpi and Visa B2B

Quickly Comply
Maintain complete and ongoing regulatory compliance with timely delivery of updates to meet mandated go-lives and rationalize cost to operate.

Rapidly Connect
Achieve integration with all major cross-border payment clearing and settlement mechanisms — accelerated with cloud deployment.

Seamlessly Integrate
Use APIs to quickly connect to all networks, back-office systems and digital channels to manage, leverage and update systems in real-time.

Meet ISO 20022 Deadlines

Achieve compliance ahead of the deadline and begin to innovate in new, rich-data standards.

Meet regulation and standards deadlines

Avoid sanctions and fines

Offer revenue-driving, value-added services

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Create Competitive Differentiation

Deliver a superior customer experience with complete, rich data without truncation.

ISO 20022-native solution

Data translation and orchestration

Back-office and digital channel integration

Prepare for Real-Time and Digital Payments Growth

Leverage a complete, end-to-end solution for real-time and digital payments to prepare for growth in transactions and revenues.

Combine origination, processing, orchestration, clearing and settlement, fraud detection and connectivity capabilities — all on a single platform

Trust in a highly scalable, fault-tolerant, proven solution

Achieve Speed to Market

ACI’s SaaS model enables you to quickly take advantage of cross-border payments with solutions managed in ACI’s data centers or the public cloud.

Available in Microsoft Azure or ACI On-Demand

ISO 20022-compliant

Pre-integrated with SWIFT gpi and Visa B2B


Real-Time Ready

ACI Worldwide delivers payment solutions that enable banks, merchants and billers to send and receive money in real time.