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Banking Guide

ISO 20022 Migration Guide and Checklist

Understanding the New Global Financial Messaging Standard

Though some schemes offer coexistence timelines and workarounds, banks must be
able to send and receives ISO 20022 messages — either directly or indirectly — in order
to comply with network and system updates and to continue transacting on behalf of
their customers.

“It’s imperative that corporate banks appreciate the significance of ISO 20022, and if they haven’t already, begin the migration.”

In this new guide, get a comprehensive look at the impacts and benefits of ISO 20022 and how to successfully migrate to this new messaging standard. Download your copy to explore:

  • How to successfully migrate to ISO 20022 messaging standards
  • The benefits of frictionless payments and richer data
  • The four key areas for migration preparation
  • Avoiding a total “rip and replace” of existing legacy systems

Download the Guide