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Detect and Manage Unusual Activity

As electronic payment volumes grow, and more banking activity extends to the web and mobile devices, the ability to detect and prevent financial crime and reduce fraud risk exposure has become critical.

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Enterprise Fraud Detection and Prevention

Financial institutions face ever-increasing challenges around fraud. Malware, Trojans, phishing, vishing, whaling, SMSishing, first party bust-out, skimming, hacking — criminals continually dream up new fraud schemes with the intention of staying one step ahead of those trying to combat such tactics. The burden on financial institutions is to protect their customers from fraud, protect themselves from losses due to financial crime, and comply with mounting national and international regulations and mandates.

ACI has helped leading institutions implement intelligent, customer-centric financial crime management solutions designed to detect and manage unusual activity based upon known patterns in an account or transaction activity within an institution. This enables them to minimize losses, improve efficiencies, comply with government regulations and shield their customers from fraud. And this approach offers the most choice, control and flexibility required for managing fraud and delivering peace of mind to them and their customers.

Select the enterprise fraud detection and prevention products that work best for you:

  1. ACI Proactive Risk Manager: Proactive Risk Manager is a complete enterprise fraud detection solution to manage risk across a financial institution’s business lines and customer accounts. Proactive Risk Manager combines the power of ACI Analytics including expertly defined rules with a variety of scoring methods for fast, accurate and flexible response to the evolving and growing nature of fraud. The system can operate in real time or in near-real time so financial institutions can prevent cross-channel fraud as it is attempted. Proactive Risk Manager enables users to track non-monetary and monetary transactions for a complete view of customer activity.
  2. ACI Case Manager: Case Manager offers users the flexibility to automate activities and processes across the complete lifecycle of a fraud case. The solution is a basic framework that defines processes for researching and resolving cases, including investigation resources, time frames, escalation paths and alerts. Case Manager also acts as a central repository for case activities to provide a complete history and fully centralized audit trail on all aspects of case resolution.

Online Fraud Detection and Prevention

Payments fraud is an ongoing battle for merchants, PSPs, issuers, acquirers, processors and switches. It’s a problem in both card-present (CP) and card-not-present (CNP) environments.

Not only does fraud affect the entire payments value chain, it also affects all sectors, spreading rapidly across geographies and industries. The potential financial loss from fraud can be enormous; it also damages reputations, increases costs, reduces revenues and degrades the customer experience.

Fraud is a global problem and fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Where in-house fraud prevention solutions might once have kept fraud to an acceptable level, this is no longer the case. Today’s fraudsters, operating globally, need to be dealt with through sophisticated, real-time (RT) or near-real-time (NRT) fraud screening solutions, informed by an understanding of fraud patterns and behaviors around the world.

Through ACI’s acquisition of Retail Decisions (ReD), a leading online fraud prevention and payments company, ACI has bolstered its fraud detection and prevention capabilities to extend protection against card-not-present fraud in the eCommerce channel. ACI offers solutions that guarantee a consistent, unified customer experience in any retailer modality (in-store, mobile, online — with on-premise or hosted SaaS options).

The combined experience and product portfolios of ACI and ReD, coupled with a demonstrated commitment to customer support and investment in R&D exceeding 18 percent, results in a payments risk management solution unsurpassed in the industry

Select the online fraud detection and prevention products that work best for you:

  1. ACI ReD Shield: A real-time, online fraud prevention solution tailored to the requirements of major eCommerce merchants and payment service providers (PSPs)
  2. ACI ReD Fraud XChange: A service which supports a multi-way, real-time and near-real-time exchange of information between merchants and issuers — for faster fraud detection


Financial institutions today face the ever-increasing demands of responding to compliance and regulation demands.

Every day seems to bring an ever-increasing demand for additional regulation and closer scrutiny of the financial services industry and specifically, the payments industry. These demands run the gamut — from the need to prove compliance, to implementing costly new security measures in an effort to thwart the pervasive tide of data compromises that seem to keep everyone’s personal information in the crosshairs.

Organizations that can respond quickly to inquiries from regulators as well as understand and react to financial exposures in real time will emerge on top. To do so, they need flexible solutions which deliver mitigating controls for remaining compliant.

Select the compliance products that work best for you:

  1. Proactive Risk Manager: ACI Proactive Risk Manager is a comprehensive financial crime management solution that helps identify unusual financial activity and offers a fast track to compliance.

    Proactive Risk Manager maintains a comprehensive audit of transactions and investigator actions to ensure compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) policies and procedures. The solution allows the ongoing creation of additional rules in real time, enabling employees to address evolving reporting requirements, government mandates and new money laundering schemes.

  2. ACI Case Manager: Case Manager provides centralized control and standardization of investigation processes and activities which reduces exposure to compliance violations and fines.

    Case Manager’s configurable user permissions, data masking and auditing options provide greater functionality, allowing your organization to meet the ever-increasing standards and regulations of the financial services and payments industries.

  3. ACI Money Transfer System: Money Transfer System provides a solution which incorporates all regulatory requirements applicable to the markets in which the institution operates, for example conformity with OFAC rules.

    The ACI Money Transfer System Enterprise Sanctions Filter provides a set of services that position banks to maintain continuous regulatory compliance, avoid fines, process payments for customers, within the SLA at all times, even when a potential hit is identified, and finally minimize the manual effort required to screen suspicious items.