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Cincinnati OH-based Fifth Third Processing Solutions was interested in gaining deeper insight to the performance and transactions flowing through its distributed point-of-sale applications. 

 Prognosis helps Fifth Third Processing Solutions unlock the value of its information
You Can’t Solve What You Can’t See

Prognosis Consulting Services developed a custom-built financial transaction management solution using Prognosis Financial Transaction Manager, a generic transaction input capability based on financial messaging standard ISO 8583 to solve these problems:

  • Gain a single management view of all transactions across multiple platforms
  • Visualize transaction problems such as slow response times or transaction failures
  • Receive proactive notification of service problems that might inconvenience customers
  • Automate capture and alerting of transaction problems or patterns for investigation
  • Incorporate specific fields, and ‘slice and dice’ transaction data from multiple perspectives
  • Offer merchant service levels for all transaction processing
Improved Monitoring Delivers Cost and Time Savings

Financial Transaction Manager processes log entries and presents data in real time across a mix of financial applications and platforms. It provides the deep insight Fifth Third Processing Solutions requires, incorporating total transactions, transfers and latency between transactions.

  • In-depth monitoring of the in-house developed POS transaction system
  • Customized monitoring built from the ground up to specific requirements
  • Flexibility to map differing transaction result codes to a “normalized” set of specified codes
  • A single set of result codes for operators and other users of the data to work with
  • Time and cost savings