Case Study

Saving Millions with ACI Chargeback Indemnification

Fraud chargebacks are common with online purchases. For merchants, processing and managing claims can be an expensive task and negatively impact overall profits.

To continue securing important market share in the digital eCommerce space, this leading global fashion retail company wanted to significantly reduce the cost of fraud that impacted business revenue and growth as part of their overarching fraud strategy. Working with ACI Worldwide payment experts allowed the fashion retailer to remove the complexity of chargeback management, guaranteeing increased acceptance rates.

“Implementation of the ACI Chargeback Indemnification service was seamless and wrapped up in a week’s time. We were able to release or reassign staff over the course of one month and have retained two analysts to manage business processes and oversee the shopper experience.”

Global Retailer

The Challenge

  • Removing friction and reducing staff time in handling manual review processes
  • Improving customer experience
  • Enabling fast decisioning and time to market
  • Accelerating the deployment of bespoke strategies at scale
  • Minimizing operational expenses

The Solution

  • The merchant selected ACI Chargeback Indemnification, part of the ACI Fraud Management solution
  • ACI Chargeback Indemnification enabled fast implementation time on fraud strategies and improved efficiency for greater acceptance rates
  • The service also provided the ability to partner and grow with a team of ACI experts (fraud analysts, payments optimization specialists, customer success manager, solution consultants and procurement)

The Results

  • The merchant has ongoing full visibility and insights on fraud performance and guaranteed KPIs
  • Increased settlement approval rate from 99.39% to 99.53%, translating into an added monthly positive revenue of $700K on average
  • Reduced operational cost by $50K
  • Reduced manual review cancellations from 9% to 4.33%


Anonymous Global Fashion Retailer