Case Study

Achieving 400% Monthly Transaction Volume Growth in Just One Year

Peach Payments, a South Africa-based payment service provider (PSP) founded in 2012, was looking to expand its business into several new African markets. See how this innovative PSP leveraged ACI’s payments gateway to meet its expansion goals and speed merchant onboarding.

“The solution gave Peach Payments the technology it needed to onboard clients quickly, better serve them through coordinated mobile payments and shop plugins, and ensured growth continued unabated.“

The Challenge

  • Peach Payments needed a payments solution to support its expansion throughout Africa
  • The solution must deliver rapid, simple integration and merchant onboarding
  • The PSP also wanted fully integrated mobile capabilities
  • Lastly, Peach Payments needed the ability to accommodate its shop plugins to integrate payments and gain access to Africa’s top alternative payment methods (APMs) and acquirers

The Solution

  • Peach Payments selected ACI to deliver a payments gateway that would support its expansion goals and rapid merchant onboarding
  • The payments gateway offered a single RESTful API for rapid integration, mobile capabilities for eCommerce and mCommerce payments
  • The solution also enabled Peach Payments to connect with an extensive network of African APMs and acquirers

The Results

  • Peach Payments experienced 400% growth in monthly transaction volumes in the first year of implementation
  • The PSP sped merchant onboarding by 30%
  • The gateway’s global payments network allowed Peach Payments to meet its original expansion goals and set its sights on further markets