Case Study

PAYSTRAX: Doing payments better, quicker and at scale

The founders of PAYSTRAX have decades of experience in the payments industry. In the past, they worked with internal software development teams who spent most of their time keeping up with connection updates, legislation and regulations. One of their primary goals was to onboard merchants as quickly as possible to become profitable. To achieve this, PAYSTRAX needed a reliable and scalable white label platform partner with a strong API to quickly incorporate new partners and payment types into their backend.

“In retail, uptime is everything. So, the first question is always ‘What’s your uptime.’ To be able to say we are using the white label ACI platform made it very easy for merchants to understand we would be providing them with a very reliable and highly available solution.”

Bjarni Þór Sigurðsson
Chief Commercial Officer, PAYSTRAX

“The final solution had everything in one API. ACI’s API is really good, and it’s very easy for other parties to integrate with the platform.”

Bjarni Þór Sigurðsson
Chief Commercial Officer, PAYSTRAX

The challenge

Gunnar Már Gunnarsson and Johannes Kolbeinsson were starting a new company and wanted to be quickly up and running with a solid, proven solution that was PCI DSS compliant and continuously updated to keep up with consumer preferences. They didn’t want to have internal software development teams spending most of their time keeping up with updating payment methods, legislations and regulations. Most importantly, the solution had to work with their existing processing and POS vendors and scale up to allow them to add new clients and payment types very quickly.

To quickly come to market, PAYSTRAX felt they need to be associated with a reliable solution with a proven track record and excellent uptime, one that is recognized in the market.

The solution

A white label version of the ACI Payments Orchestration Platform was chosen because it encompassed everything PAYSTRAX was looking for in a single API, enabling them to quickly onboard new clients and add connections from the entire global payments ecosystem.

One of the key factors for PAYSTRAX when looking for a solution was ACI’s wealth of possibilities and the fact that they could have their choice of all the connections, solutions, partners and alternative payment methods in the market. Plus, when new players come to the market with innovations, they knew that ACI would have a connector as soon as the APM gained traction in the market with consumers.

The results

PAYSTRAX was able to exceed their goals by teaming up with partners who were already connected to the ACI platform. This would have taken an extra six to twelve months if they had to integrate partners without ACI.

Many of PAYSTRAX customers have recurring subscription-based services and wanted to offer one-click or embedded payments into their systems. PAYSTRAX customers are able to utilize ACI omni-tokens and token vault to provide one-click and embedded payments, all while keeping their consumers’ payments data secure and their systems out of PCI Scope.

Next steps

PAYSTRAX is always looking to offer new solutions to benefit their clients. Their next plan of action is to deploy ACI Pay by Link, a white-label solution that generates a URL or QR code that merchants can extend to consumers as a payment method when completing a transaction. The solution can be used by sales, support and customer services and can be sent via email, SMS, chat or social media messaging.

Additionally, they are looking closely at new innovations that are aligned to their customers’ business.


PAYSTRAX provides Visa and Mastercard acquiring services for POS terminals, online, mobile and other electronic payment systems, creating customised solutions and addons tailored to the specific needs of users. PAYSTRAX is an authorised Payment Institution that holds PI licenses in the EU and U.K.




Payment Service Providers

Company Size:

51 – 200 employees


Vilnius, Lithuania