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Today’s fast-changing global payments landscape is focused on choice and flexibility for consumers — with a growing variety of channels, payment types, fulfillment methods and goods on offer. But with this choice and variety comes opportunity for fraudsters, in at least equal measure.

In this omni-channel environment, striking the right balance between fraud prevention, conversion and customer service is a challenge that requires efficient processes, high-performing teams and advanced technology. Above all, it needs human intelligence and ongoing expert analysis to shape, drive and monitor strategies.

ACI ReD Shield is an award-winning, multi-tiered online fraud prevention solution designed to minimize fraud while maximizing conversion rates. The solution is delivered by expert risk analysts with global experience who work closely with customers to tailor fraud strategies to individual needs, by product, market sector and geography.

Fraud strategies are enhanced through adaptive machine learning models and advanced positive profiling techniques that enrich and extend a merchant’s fraud intelligence through the power of ACI’s global consortium data.

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