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Delight the omni-channel consumer

Providing seamless and secure payment options for the emerging number of shopping channels can be a daunting task for merchants. Consumers expect to browse, shop and purchase from their fingertips and now have the technology to deliver this immediate gratification. As a result, the complex landscape for multi-channel and omni-channel payments is changing more rapidly than ever before.

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Merchant Retail

For many merchants who, to date, have handled fraud screening and fraud prevention in-house, the explosion in eCommerce transactions, and a corresponding rise in online fraud, has increased interest in a more sophisticated, real-time approach to online fraud prevention. An approach managed by specialist fraud and risk experts.

ACI ReD Shield® is a real-time fraud prevention solution tailored to the requirements of eCommerce merchants and payment service providers (PSPs).

Fraud prevention delivered as a managed service

Delivered as a managed service, through an expert team of experienced risk analysts, ACI ReD Shield provides instant decisions (accept/challenge/deny) on eCommerce and mCommerce transactions.

ACI ReD Shield is a multi-tiered fraud solution that combines unlimited rules with other data attributes, enhanced through the use of neural models, to deliver a holistic business solution that manages down fraud and chargebacks.

The New Payment Landscape For Retailers: Think Mechanics And Marketing

New technologies may be roiling the world of payment options, but they are giving retailers opportunities for deeper customer engagement.

Increasing more in the past five years than in the past five decades, this change will only accelerate.

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