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Respond Promptly to Financial Crime

Institutions are recognizing that to effectively fight organized financial crime they must gather timely and accurate intelligence. Armed with this intelligence, they can then begin to respond promptly to financial crime, threats or encourage law enforcement into taking action where collective cases involving the same criminal or gang exceeds law enforcement investigation thresholds.

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Flexible Solutions for Managing Complex Fraud Cases

As fraud and money laundering schemes grow more sophisticated, the direct and indirect losses associated with them continue to rise at alarming rates.

Financial institutions are bearing an increasing burden as they continue to apply inefficient processes and inflexible systems to manage this ever-increasing workload.

Manual, paper-pushing processes that require continual increases in head count, coupled with inflexible systems, will only continue to accelerate the losses encountered.

To address these challenges, they need flexible solutions for managing complex fraud cases.

Select the products that work best for you.

  1. ACI Case Manager: ACI Case Manager offers users the flexibility to automate activities and processes across the complete lifecycle of a case. Case Manager can be extended to include various business units and activities beyond the initial detection or investigation departments.

    This includes corporate security, chargeback handling, loss tracking, recoveries, branch management, applications and claims, customer service or any business unit. Case Manager facilitates ad-hoc workflow changes and management through an easy-to-use administrative user interface.

  2. ACI Proactive Risk Manager: Proactive Risk Manager is a complete enterprise fraud detection solution to manage risk across a financial institution’s business lines and customer accounts.

    Proactive Risk Manager combines the power of ACI Analytics including expertly defined rules with a variety of scoring methods for fast, accurate and flexible response to the evolving and growing nature of fraud. The system can operate in real time or in near-real time so financial institutions can prevent cross-channel fraud as it is attempted. Proactive Risk Manager enables users to track non-monetary and monetary transactions for a complete view of customer activity.