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Merchant Acquiring

Acquirers need to offer competitive terms to merchants in order to attract them, and to provide good service to retain them. Acquirers therefore have to maximize their customer service while continuing to optimize their revenue and effectively manage costs.

The globalization of the banking industry, the continuing shift from cash to electronic payment and increasing regulatory pressures are placing demands on acquiring businesses to compete more effectively in the market and to improve their operational efficiency.

ACI has more than 40 years of experience in providing acquirers with the capability to implement and manage merchant agreements with a wide range of pricing and settlement options.

ACI's dependable, reliable and robust solutions help acquirers to grow and to introduce improved efficiency into their operations.

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Card and Account Management

Card issuers need to provide their customers with attractive products and good service in order to build a relationship of trust and loyalty. This needs to be delivered while operating efficiently and keeping costs under control.

ACI’s card management and card issuing solutions provide issuers with the capability to bring innovative new products quickly to market. These dependable, reliable and robust solutions allow issuers to grow and to introduce improved efficiency into their operations.

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Solution Options

A full spectrum of products to address your unique needs.

  1. ACI Issuer: A single software platform that supports debit, credit, prepaid and contactless cards, enabling financial institutions to issue new payment product types, establish new or alternative revenue streams, and expand their geographic reach quickly and cost-effectively.
  2. ACI Acquirer: Giving acquirers complete control of the merchant accounting and settlement lifecycle.
  3. ACI Interchange: Provides clearing and settlement with the major international payment schemes: Visa, Mastercard, JCB and American Express.
  4. UP BASE24-eps: An enterprise-class payments solution with choice, control and flexibility that lowers total cost of ownership for current and future payment needs.
  5. Postilion for Banks and Processors: A Windows-based consumer payments solution that integrates a full-featured payments engine with comprehensive card issuance and merchant acquisition management capabilities, reducing both processing cost and complexity.
  6. ACI Proactive Risk Manager: Complete fraud detection solution to manage risk across a financial institution’s business lines and customer accounts.
  7. ACI Token Manager: Increase customer loyalty and control costs with an in-house smart chip management system.